Little Dogs, Big Problems

Sinatra & James are a lovely poodle pair that had nothing in common - rescued by Wags and Walks from two totally different situations in different cities.  But we quickly discovered that they share a common problem- they both have dislocated hips that need orthopedic surgery and James also has dislocated knees!


Pitbulls Saved From Near Death

Dogs teach us about love, compassion and forgiveness.

Animal Control was called to a property in Riverside, CA where they discovered dozens of Pitbulls abandoned and living in deplorable conditions, sadly many of them had already died.

As soon as they became available for rescue, Wags and Walks stepped up to help. We have already rescued 5 of these amazing dogs and we are going back to the shelter next week to save more.


Pebble's Broken Back Saga

Wags and Walks rescued Pebbles from the shelter after she arrived there with injuries from being hit by a car.  After consulting with several vets including an orthopedist and a neurologist who did a CT scan, we learned that Pebbles actually has a broken back - she has a shattered vertabrae in her spine!