Help Our Dogs In Need Of Medical Care


Amazing Paralized Pup Groot -Saved!

Wags and Walks rescued Groot from a City shelter on Christmas Eve. Little Groot was unable to walk on his back legs when he arrived at the shelter - he was paralyzed from a presumed spinal cord injury, although we will never know how or when the injury was casued.

We are attending to the many wounds and abrasions on his legs, feet and belly from dragging his little body around on the floor - but he won't be doing that anymore... a generous supporter is making Groot a snazzy wheelchair!

Help Frankie Get The Heart Surgery He Needs!

He is 100 pounds of pure love and joy!  Frankie steals hearts wherever he goes, but unfortunately his heart isn't working so well. He has a serious congenital condition which requires a delicate surgery to be done by a cardiologist.

The heart condition is taking a toll on Frankie, he has trouble catching his breath and he sometimes collapses/passes out.  We are currently doing some diagnostics in preparation for the pending surgery, but surgery is inevitable and needs to happen as soon as possible.