Help Our Dogs In Need


Help Milkshake Walk Again Pain-Free


Wags & Walks rescued Milkshake from the shelter with numerous health problems including eye issues/blind in one eye and an ear hematoma, but the most pressing issue is a slipped disc in his spine.  Milkshake can only take a few wobbly steps before he falls down due to partial paralysis and pain.  For the next 8 weeks he will undergo intense physical therapy, acupuncture and pain management.  We are hopeful that his ability to walk will be restored without needing surgery.  Please help  us help Milkshake walk pain-free again.

Roger is Battling Pneumonia


Little Roger was rescued from the shelter and soon after he started having the sniffles and coughing.  He was being treated for kennel cough (a doggie cold) but he wasn't responding.  When he took a dramatic turn for the worse, Roger was rushed to the emergency hospital where they determined his cold had turned into pneumonia.  He is struggling to breath and fight the infection - he is receiving oxygen and IV antibiotics and around-the-clock care.  He might be tiny but he's a tough little guy, with help we know he will recover.  Please keep Roger in  your thoughts and please donate what you can to  help him.

Trooper's Emergency Hospital Stay


Trooper has really lived up to his name this week - he has been such a trooper during this medical crisis!  A few days after his routine neuter surgery Trooper suddenly fell ill - he collapsed, had a high fever, vomiting and looked miserable.  He was rushed to the emergency vet where they determined that he had developed an infection from the neuter surgery which had spread.  Immediate intervention and a procedure to drain the infection from the neuter area resulted in a quick turnaround for Trooper.  He was released after 24 hours of hospitalization and will fully recover thanks to quick action taken by the Wags & Walks team who care so much about him!  We could really use some help paying his $1,800 emergency bill!

Delphina's surgical makeover!


Delphina was fending for herself on the street for months, she hung out at a warehouse where the kind employees fed her.  Someone finally picked her up and took her home and contacted Wags & Walks for help.  We received Delphina and brought her straight to the vet as it was obvious she had numerous health issues to address.  A condition known as "cherry eye" where her lower eyelid tissue popped out, a wobbly leg which the vet confirmed was a luxating patella (dislocated knee cap) and a mouth full of seriously dirty teeth!  Eye fixed, knee fixed, teeth cleaned and spay - a lot was accomplished in one day!  We could really use some help paying Delphina's $2,800 vet bill!

No More Squinting for Ruth!


Sweet Ruth was rescued from the shelter with painful, squinty eyes - we thought it was just her left eye and we were hoping it was something easy to treat with eye drops.  Unfortunately the issue is affecting both eyes - it is extremely uncomfortable and it is affecting Ruth's vision, this condition can only be corrected surgically.  She has entropion - the upper and lower eyelids roll inwards causing the lashes to rub and irritate her eyes.  It is very dangerous because the rubbing could cause corneal ulcers or permanent damage. Ruth needs a delicate surgery to tack the lids back into the proper position to alleviate her discomfort.  

Harvey's Serious Leg Surgery


Wags & Walks rescued Harvey from the shelter, he was limping and holding up his back right leg.  X-rays showed that he had an old bone fracture that was never attended to so it healed wonky and was causing him discomfort.  Harvey's leg bone needed to be re-broken and set properly by a veterinary surgeon.

Berlin Needs Our Help - Surgery!


Wags & Walks rescue discovered Berlin at the shelter, an unclaimed stray dog with a leg injury causing her to limp with pain.  We knew we had to rescue Berlin and help her get well.  Her injury turned out to be much more serious than we would have thought, requiring urgent surgery to repair her leg to relieve her pain.  The surgery is critical and the recovery process will be intense, she will likely need physical therapy as well.

Everyone that meets Berlin is smitten with her gentle sweet demeanor.  Despite her pain, Berlin always has a smile on her face and is eager to make new friends. Please help us to help Berlin live a pain-free life.

Wags & Walks Saves Meat Market Dogs


While Wags and Walks is committed to helping save dogs in need throughout Los Angeles, we also feel compelled to step up in times of crisis. The abuse and slaughtering of dogs for the Yulin Meat Market has to end. Therefore, Wags and Walks has teamed up with Los Santos Rescue, who is boots on the ground in China, and have dedicated their time fighting the dog meat trade and helping the dogs of China. We have committed to bringing a group of at least 7 dogs to safety and will need to raise the money before they are able to be transported. We will be picking the puppies up from LAX and taking them straight to the vet to be properly treated, vaccinated, and monitored. From here, we will move them to foster homes where they will begin their long road to recovery. 
In addition to taking on their medical bills, these pups will need the help of experts and trainers to help the adjust and socialize into their new life.
Once they are ready, we will post them for adoption and work to find their forever family!

Help Sammy Overcome Crippling Pain


When Wags and Walks got Sammy we noticed that something wasn't right with his hind end. 

We hoped it was just that he had been kept in a crate too much and not exercised. 

To be certain before placing him, we took him to vet where we received the shocking news that he had crippling case of hip displaysia--the worst the vet had ever seen--requiring immediate surgery to correct this painful condition. 

His first of 2 surgeries (one for each hip) is scheduled for next week and we need to raise $7500 to cover the (discounted) costs of the process. 

We are grateful that Sammy is in a wonderful foster home who loves him and who is dedicated to his well-being. After the surgeries Sammy is expected to live a long and healthy life.

We are committed to doing everything we can to bring this sweet soul out of pain and into a state of health, comfort and love.