Help Our Dogs In Need Of Medical Care


22 Dogs from Hoarding Horrors


Wags and Walks was there when no one else was for 2 sets of dogs--22 in total--rescued from the horrors of HOARDING  and BACKYARD BREEDING.

First we said yes to a group of 10 Yorkie mixes who were being kept in deplorable conditions. We found out about them at 8 am and they were at our vet by 2pm being treated. 

All arrived infested with fleas, many with severe skin infections and one with a foxtail lodged so deeply in its ear that it requires surgery immediately to relieve the intense pain. 

As though that wasn't enough, moments later we were presented with 14 young dogs and puppies when we arrived at the shelter who were likewise in desperate need. 

Help Huey, Dewey & Louise

Abandoned on the side of a highway, these three pups have been through so much in their short lives. They were found by a good Samaritan emaciated, covered in ticks and terrified. They are currently at our vet partner to evaluate their health and determine what care is needed, but we need your help to enable us to do whatever it takes!

Help Sophie Get The Medical Care She Needs!

Sweet Sophie is in desperate need of your help. This little girl was saved from the Downey shelter and has quite a few medical needs likely due to long term neglect including:

Cataracts and blind in the right eye

Englarged Mammary

Alopecia around her ears and eyes

Perioccular Dermis

Ear infection

Heart Arrhythmia