Help Our Dogs In Need


Frannie's Big Broken Leg


The City shelter notified Wags & Walks about this magnificent 135 pound mastiff that came in with a broken leg. How could we say no? She was abandoned at a vet hospital and the vet hospital turned her over to the shelter. We don't know how she broke her leg and our best guess for why she was abandoned is because her owner likely couldn't afford the surgery that is needed. We have since discovered some additional issues including a large infected abscess on her other front leg, likely from the same trauma that caused the broken leg. And she also has some lumps/growths that will be investigated. Resting comfortably at Wags & Walks now, Frannie will soon have a delicate surgery performed by an orthopedic specialist surgeon - he will repair and stabilize the broken bones in her huge leg, recovery will take some time but Frannie should be walking well again very soon!

Maya Needed 3 Surgeries to Save her Life!


Wags & Walks rescued Maya from a County animal shelter after she had come into the shelter with a bowel obstruction. The shelter performed surgery to remove the obstruction (rope/yarn) and when we rescued Maya from the shelter we thought the issue was resolved... but unfortunately Maya's medical journey had just begun. Although the shelter removed the obstruction they caused more harm in the process. Maya required another surgery to try to correct these issues, but unfortunately that surgery also had complications and Maya needed yet another surgery, this time with a board certified surgeon specialist.

Cora Needs Our Help to Get Well


Wags & Walks found Cora at a City shelter after she had been left there by her previous owner. We don't know the reason why her family gave her up at 8 years old, but she was turned in with numerous untreated medical issues. This little maltipoo has multiple mammary tumors, a large umbilical hernia, an eye infection, an infected uterus (pyometra), infected mammaries (mastitis) and severe dental disease. Cora will undergo a major surgery to repair the hernia, remove the tumors, spay, and remove all of the rotten teeth. It's a lot to handle all at once but this tough little lady will pull through and she'll feel much better. Then we can find her a true forever home where she will be loved and properly cared for.

Pups with Parvo Saved from Shelter


A County animal shelter asked us to save these 4 puppies with parvo, we immediately responded and got them from the shelter to the vet where they are hospitalized and being treated. Parvo is a serious virus that is often fatal for puppies. One of the pups seems to be worse than the others, we are hopeful that all will pull through. Thank you for your support and for helping us save these puppies!

Koda Needs Help to Walk Again


Koda is the sweetest little mini pittie, it was heartbreaking when she started painfully limping and the always-happy expression changed dramatically. Xrays confirmed that she has luxating patellas (wobbly dislocated kneecaps) in both back legs! Due to the severity of the dislocation and the level of pain, surgery was the only option. We couldn't bear to see Koda in pain so without delay we immediately went in for surgery to alleviate her suffering. She has quite a bit of recovery to get through but in the end she will be so much more comfortable and we know her smile will return. Please give generously to help pay Koda's surgery bill - thank you!

Daisy Can't Breathe or See well


Daisy is the cutest little pitbull/bulldog we have ever seen! We found this 7 year old lady at a City shelter, her ears hacked off and clearly had puppies at some point(s) in her life. Almost immediately after we rescued her we realized she was struggling with some major medical issues - her eyes and her breathing. Poor baby had a respiratory distress episode and could barely breathe, we did our best to cool her down and calm her down but ultimately had to run her to the vet. He confirmed that Daisy has an extremely restricted soft palate (airway) which requires surgical correction, as do both of her eyes for a condition called entropion, where the eyelids and lashes roll inward and cause irritation to the cornea. She will have surgery on her palate and eyes and feel much better very soon! Despite her ailments Daisy is constantly smiling and wagging.

Brando Can't Catch a Break


Brando is probably one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet! This sweet red teddy bear was rescued from a City shelter in seemingly good health but we quickly realized that he had numerous medical issues.

First were the seizures/tremors/collapsing episodes. We consulted with a vet who diagnosed Brando with a heart murmur, so off to the cardiologist he went for further evaluation. The cardiologist confirmed a high level heart murmur with some changes to the overall function of the heart but luckily the condition is currently stable, it is unlikely the cause of Brando's seizures/tremors/collapsing episodes. Brando probably has a seizure disorder (like epilepsy) and may at some point do a trial anti-seizure medication.

Then two growths suddenly appeared (one on his leg and one on his neck.)  A preliminary biopsy was done which confirmed a high grade malignant (cancerous) mast cell tumor.  Brando will have surgery to remove both lumps which hopefully will remove all of the cancer.  

Portabella Needs Your Help to Heal


Portabella had a rough time after her routine spay surgery. We picked her up from the shelter spay clinic and a couple days later we had her at the emergency hospital because her spay incision became infected and completely opened up. She needed surgical correction and a drain placed. Unfortunately her problems didn't end there - after surgery she couldn't stop bleeding. We are awaiting results from blood tests that will determine if she has a blood clotting disorder... meanwhile she is sporting a fun red bandage wrap and relaxing comfortably until we can figure out and treat her issues.