Help Our Dogs In Need

Vixen Needs A Christmas Miracle


Sweet Vixen needs our help! A couple days ago, Vixen's right side of her face, jaw and eye suddenly swelled up.  She went to the vet and was sedated then xrays were taken of her skull, jaw and cheek as the medical team looked for fractures as well as a visual exam inside the mouth.  Nothing could be found.  With a fever of almost 105, she was put on medication until more test results came in.

Chihuahua Families Need Your Help


Mary Kate and Ashley were both pregnant when taken in by Wags & Walks. Our team had no idea about how far along either were and expected the babies to arrive shortly. Both moms came in together and although their full story is unknown, we believe they are sisters. These sisters share a special bond of motherhood. 

A New Leg for Puppy Smith


We have seen our fair share of upsetting cases but this one boggles the mind. 

A good samaritan found this Smith in the middle of was was well over 100 degrees and he was tens of miles from anything but a gas station. 

It's enough to wonder how someone could leave a puppy in the middle of the desert, but even more upsetting when his rescuer noticed he was missing his back foot and the injury had never been properly treated--although somewhat healed over, there was bone protuding through the skin. 

Meet Diesel


Every so often, one of the amazing dogs we save from the shelter has more challenging medical needs than your average bear.  Diesel is one of those dogs and he needs your help! Diesel was skinny when he was rescued but was otherwise so happy, sweet and loving that we assumed he just was overwhelmed and too stressed to eat after spending two months in the shelter.  Though you would never know it from his personality, after several days of testing by our amazing veterinary team, it was discovered that Diesel has been suffering from an untreated auto-immune condition that resulted in him becoming anemic and having a low platelet count (he bleeds and bruises more easily).  With the correct diagnosis, Diesel is now on the comeback trail.  His loving and happy personality has never wavered and every human he meets falls madly in love with him.  Even when we were scratching our heads trying to figure out what was wrong and how to move forward, there was never a doubt that we would move heaven and earth for this boy.  Heaven and earth are being moved and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get him healthy enough to move to his forever home.  In the meantime, Diesel is living with his foster mom where he is being loved, snuggled and spoiled!  If you are interested in giving Diesel a forever home, please fill out our adoption application.