Help Our Dogs In Need


Earl Needs A Miracle


Sweet Earl needs a miracle URGENTLY! This small pup has been through quite a lot and our vet partners still aren't sure what exactly is going on. It is likely that Earl is suffering from some type of infection due to a compromised immune system. He is currently being kept comfortable as our vets perform testing to properly identify what is causing him to be ill. It is URGENT that we quickly figure out what is going on as his health is rapidly deteriorating. 

Surgeries For Eloise


Eloise was found on the street, scared and confused. She was brought to Wags and Walks and we thought she might be pregnant because her belly was swollen and lumpy. She went straight to the vet where they determined that she isn't pregnant but her lumpy belly is due to numerous mammary tumors and a large hernia.

Help DJ Get Back on Her Feet


DJ is a very lucky pup!  She was brought into a City shelter as a stray with a broken leg, likely from being hit by a car while on the run.  Our rescue team happened to be at the shelter when she was brought in and immediately said we would take her and get her fixed up.  Surgery was the only option because the break was so high up on her leg - the bones needed to be aligned and a metal pin implanted to keep everything in place.  Sweet DJ needs to rest for 4 weeks to heal properly, very challenging for a young rambunctious pup!  After her resting/healing period, DJ will need a month of physical therapy rehab to ensure optimal use of the leg.

Benji's Knee Surgery


Wags and Walks rescued Benji from the shelter and almost immediately noticed he had a little limp and would hold his leg up when walking/running.  Benji went to see our orthopedic vet who confirmed that he has luxating patellas (unstable knee caps that pop in and out of place.)   One leg is worse than the other and needs to be surgically corrected.  Little Benji will feel so much better after his knee is repaired.  

He will have surgery this month followed by 6 weeks of intense physical therapy. Please help us cover the cost of his surgery and therapy by giving today and sharing his stories.

Elle Has Two Fractured Legs


Sweet Elle was rescued by the Wags & Walks team! Unfortunately, our team noticed something visibly wrong with her leg. 

After taking her to a vet partner for X-rays, it turns out she actually has two fractures - one in each leg! She is currently undergoing treatment that helps increase the blood flow in her legs and after her surgery for the fractures, she will begin her rehabilitation treatment.

Nick Needs FHO Surgery


Nick is a 10 month old German Shepard who was found as a stray after being hit by a car. He was rushed to East Valley Shelter where Wags and Walks rescued him and is committed to his care.