Help Our Dogs In Need


Emma's Spay Surgery Went Terribly Wrong


Wags & Walks rescued sweet Emma from a shelter after she came in as a stray and nobody claimed her. She had a routine spay surgery but soon after she left the shelter Emma had to be rushed to an emergency hospital to be treated for serious complications. She was hospitalized and needed surgical correction and supportive care for several days. Emma was released from the hospital but will need continued care while she heals.

Hopkins - Sweet Neglected Senior Yorkie

We've been rescuing a lot of senior dogs lately at Wags & Walks. Often these seniors lived a previous life of neglect before we find them at the shelter, so they usually require a lot of medical TLC right away. Hopkins is a perfect example - a 12 year old yorkie terrier that we rescued from a County shelter where he had come in as a stray and nobody claimed him. Clearly neglected - not neutered, blind from mature cataracts, severe dental disease and rotting teeth. We're taking great care of him, starting with the most immediate need - his mouth. Most/all of his teeth will need to be removed. Please help us help Hopkins feel well again so that he can find his final forever home.

William Needs Hip Help


William is a sweet little terrier that came to us with numerous health concerns but the most pressing issue is his pain. It was unclear what the source of the pain was so we consulted with numerous specialists and it was determined that he has a fractured bone in his right hip socket. An old injury that healed badly. Additionally he has luxating patellas in both knees (wobbly dislocating knee caps.) The knee issue is common in small dogs and often doesn't need surgical correction, but the hip issue is impacting the knee issue. A corrective surgery called FHO is needed to fix the broken hip bone and alleviate the discomfort. With the hip surgery and a diet to lose a few pounds, William should be feeling much better very soon and the knees will hopefully be a non-issue in the future.

Hendrix Gets a New Hip


Hendrix is an adorable little white dog with one striking blue eye! He was found running around the streets of East LA. It became apparent that he was in pain but we didn't know why. After many visits to numerous vets with only inconclusive answers, we were finally able to determine the issue - a severe lesion on the hip bone caused by a previous traumatic injury, having not been corrected at the time of injury it healed poorly causing secondary painful arthritis in the hip joint. A corrective surgery called FHO is needed to properly align the hip bones and alleviate the discomfort. The surgery is delicate and expensive and there are several weeks of recovery/rehab but Hendrix will be feeling like a brand new boy by the time 2019 comes around!

Frannie's Big Broken Leg


The City shelter notified Wags & Walks about this magnificent 135 pound mastiff that came in with a broken leg. How could we say no? She was abandoned at a vet hospital and the vet hospital turned her over to the shelter. We don't know how she broke her leg and our best guess for why she was abandoned is because her owner likely couldn't afford the surgery that is needed. We have since discovered some additional issues including a large infected abscess on her other front leg, likely from the same trauma that caused the broken leg. And she also has some lumps/growths that will be investigated. Resting comfortably at Wags & Walks now, Frannie will soon have a delicate surgery performed by an orthopedic specialist surgeon - he will repair and stabilize the broken bones in her huge leg, recovery will take some time but Frannie should be walking well again very soon!

Maya Needed 3 Surgeries to Save her Life!


Wags & Walks rescued Maya from a County animal shelter after she had come into the shelter with a bowel obstruction. The shelter performed surgery to remove the obstruction (rope/yarn) and when we rescued Maya from the shelter we thought the issue was resolved... but unfortunately Maya's medical journey had just begun. Although the shelter removed the obstruction they caused more harm in the process. Maya required another surgery to try to correct these issues, but unfortunately that surgery also had complications and Maya needed yet another surgery, this time with a board certified surgeon specialist.

Pups with Parvo Saved from Shelter


A County animal shelter asked us to save these 4 puppies with parvo, we immediately responded and got them from the shelter to the vet where they are hospitalized and being treated. Parvo is a serious virus that is often fatal for puppies. One of the pups seems to be worse than the others, we are hopeful that all will pull through. Thank you for your support and for helping us save these puppies!

Brando Can't Catch a Break


Brando is probably one of the nicest dogs you will ever meet! This sweet red teddy bear was rescued from a City shelter in seemingly good health but we quickly realized that he had numerous medical issues.

First were the seizures/tremors/collapsing episodes. We consulted with a vet who diagnosed Brando with a heart murmur, so off to the cardiologist he went for further evaluation. The cardiologist confirmed a high level heart murmur with some changes to the overall function of the heart but luckily the condition is currently stable, it is unlikely the cause of Brando's seizures/tremors/collapsing episodes. Brando probably has a seizure disorder (like epilepsy) and may at some point do a trial anti-seizure medication.

Then two growths suddenly appeared (one on his leg and one on his neck.)  A preliminary biopsy was done which confirmed a high grade malignant (cancerous) mast cell tumor.  Brando will have surgery to remove both lumps which hopefully will remove all of the cancer.