Job Title: Volunteer & Community Events Coordinator

Reports to: Chief Animal Lover, Lesley Brog

Direct Reports: May Supervise Assigned Staff



The Volunteer & Community Events coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, training, development, retention and overall management of Wags and Walks volunteers to meet the needs of the organization. The primary objective of this position is to oversee all aspects of the volunteer experience. Additionally, this position requires continuous strategic development of annual and ongoing events throughout the community.  In charge of cultivating relationships with diverse community partners, including but not limited to schools, parents, businesses, advocates, service providers, youth groups, faith-based groups, clubs and individuals.



-          Must be an excellent problem solver / quick thinker!

-          Must have great communication skills and organized

-          Must be a team player

-          Must be a networker and not afraid to ask for help

-          Must have a great and positive attitude

-          Must be a dog lover

-          Must be knowledgeable about dog behavior and needs

-          Must be willing to get hands dirty and remain calm in stressful, last minute situations

-          Must be flexible, multi-tasker while managing multiple priorities and timelines

-          Maintain open mind regarding changes and be willing to learn, implement and teach new protocols

-          Must have strong administrative skills, organization skills, attention to detail and follow up

-          Must have the ability to learn new software



-          Recruit volunteers, provide training information, place them in departments of skill sets and interest and get them started ASAP

-          Create strategies to continually develop and retain volunteer base

-          Responsible for growth of volunteer database including the development of marketing campaigns or tactics to acquire more volunteers *think outside the box

-          Maintain volunteer records and coordinate volunteer schedules noting special skills and interests

-          Prepares and distribute calendar of volunteer job assignments and monitors compliance by volunteers

-          Creates policies and handbooks for volunteers and events

-          Prepare operational reports on volunteer and event activities weekly (analyze what’s working/what’s not working)

-         Regularly survey staff to reassess need for volunteer assistance and update job assignments as     needed.

-         Manages and Leads Wags Club which is a temporary home for a maximum of 5 dogs in need

-         Create and implement a recognition programs to honor volunteers.

-         Facilitate any issues or disputes, up to and including terminating volunteers not fulfilling the required duties.

-         Help facilitate relationship and communication between volunteers and employees.

-          Fulfill speaking engagements relating to the volunteer program and community outreach

-          Organize and conduct orientation and training of all volunteers and update training materials and programs as needed

-          Send weekly volunteer/event updates to Chief Animal Lover

-          Track active monthly volunteers on average

-          Participate in weekly operation call and all office meetings

-          Create a chart and FAQ for commonly asked volunteer questions

-          Send 1-2 mail chimp newsletters a month

-          Respond to phone, email and in person inquiries for volunteers and special events within 24 hours



-          Must have a current and valid California Driver’s License and be insurable with the W&W Insurance policy for driving a company vehicle.

-          Must have and maintain a good driving record. Should be familiar with the local community streets and areas and must be capable of reading a map.

-          Must be a High School graduate or equivalent

-          Must be of good moral character and must have an even disposition and be able to deal effectively and politely with people from all types of backgrounds and experience and in all types of difficult situations. This person must have definite abilities to evaluate problems accurately and display good, sound judgment when working without supervision and under emotional stress. These are extremely important and critical qualifications.

-          A high level of professionalism and strong interpersonal skills are required

To apply, please send your cover letter, resume and 3 references to Please also put “Volunteer and Community Events Coordinator” in the subject line.