Foster Friday: Adam

This week’s Foster Friday features Adam whose journey with  Wags and Walks started when he found us while looking to adopt a dog. It’s because of his adoption experience with us that Adam thought of us first when he wanted to start volunteering sometime later. The rest of Adam’s story shows how there are many paths that lead to becoming a foster, but we’ll let Adam take it from here!

Tips to Follow Before You Start Fostering

Wags and Walks would not be the same without our amazing fosters! Fosters have allowed our rescue to continue its mission to save the lives of as many dogs as we possibly can.   In order to do so, we need fosters we can count on, who can temporarily foster the pups we bring in, while waiting to get them adopted.  If you’ve ever thought about bringing a temporary pup into your home keep reading because we are sharing top 4 tips to follow before you start fostering.

5 Ways To Cut Back on Pet Costs in 2018

Is 2018 your year to kick up your savings and work on that new budget? While cutting back on the LA brunches and avocado toasts is one way to stay under budget, we also have some tips on how you can lower your pet costs as well.

Having a dog is an extremely rewarding experience, but it isn’t without its expenses. To be a good dog mom/dad, there are the essential recurring costs like dog food, vet visits, and health care. Most of us also can’t help but spoil our dogs with lots of toys, treats and maybe one too many dog beds. Who can blame us? They are our fur-babies after all.

Here are 5 ways you can cut back on spending while still keeping your dog happy, healthy, and of course, the most spoiled member of your family.

The Data Behind The “Doggie Feels”

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and we have a special #FeelGoodFriday blog post in spirit of the holiday. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing love with those around you and feeling it in return. We don’t know about you, but our pups always take the cake for making us feel that unconditional Valentine’s Day love. Sometimes we wonder if their ability to make us feel so happy is magic, but today we’re going to tell you about the science behind why dog love trumps all. If you have a pup nearby, now is the time to give him/her a big hug.

Wagging Tails Wednesday: Marla

L.O.V.E. MADCRUSH! We could read this story over and over again, and our smiles would just keep getting bigger. There’s no relationship like the one between a dog and it’s human, and this Valentine’s Day needed to share one that gives us all the feels. Marla won over Amanda’s heart with just one look and cuddled in to make sure she was never going anywhere else, ever again. Keep reading to hear more about their journey together.

Foster Friday: Mary

Having a full-time dog is a long-term decision and can be too much of a commitment if you aren't fully ready. Bringing foster dogs into a house thinking about making that decision is a great way to not only get in the experience, but also make a huge difference in the community. That is what our latest foster Friday feature is teaching us this week. To learn more about Mary and her time fostering, read on:

6 Ways Support Dogs in The Year of The Dog

The beginning of 2018 has already been a whirlwind at Wags and Walks. We don’t know about you, but it’s been tough for us to take a step back and create those “New Year’s Resolutions” we always promise ourselves we will do. What we do know is that every year we are dedicated to saving more dogs than ever before, and 2018 feels like it is going to be a great year to do just that.

To start, 2018 just so happens to be the year of the Dog, according to the Chinese Zodiac. So, if you are still searching for your 2018 resolution, this may just be the astral sign you needed. From spending more time around dogs to pitching in at organizations and shelters you care about, there is no shortage of ways you can incorporate (wo)man’s best friend into your New Year routine.

To help you get started, we rounded up 6 ways you can show your support for dogs in need in 2018!

Tips to Keep Your Pup Warm and Happy This Winter

All of us in the Los Angeles area are pretty lucky when it comes to winter weather. Compared to some other places in the US, winter in LA is a breeze. That said, people don’t believe us when we tell them it gets chilly here at night! The 20 degree temperature drop feels like more. Plus, for those times when the rain actually hits hard and sometimes lasts for days. We want to make sure your pup is as prepared for the winter weather as you are! Read on to see how!

Foster Friday: Jess Wilton

Happy New Year Wags family! For our first Foster Friday of 2018, we have the wonderful foster, Jess Wilton to introduce to yourself. Despite having a young child and multiple animals, she still finds times to help us give our rescue pups a safe and loving home. Read on to learn more about Jess and her time with Wags and Walks

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Zoe

Everyone loves a heartwarming story near the holidays, right? Well we have a beautiful story to share about Tanya, who experienced love at first sight earlier this year when she met Zoe and knew that her life was going to change forever. We couldn’t be happier that these two found each other! Read more about their life together below:

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Pop Tart

This week we are sharing Nelson’s story about his second time around as a pawrent. After adopting his first pup through Wags and Walks, he knew he was destined to give another pup a furever home. Why adopt one when you can adopt two?  You won’t want to miss out on this heartwarming story about the bond that Nelson shares with his newest furry friend Pop Tart and the bond that the two pups share.

Thank You to Our Volunteers on International Volunteer Day!

Today is International Volunteer Day (IVD), a day that is celebrated to recognize the positive solidarity of volunteers around the world who dedicate themselves to supporting various causes. At Wags and Walks, we could not do our mission without the daily support of our devoted volunteers.

Volunteers are integral to what we do, helping with lifesaving tasks like fostering dogs that we pull from shelters, transporting puppies to the vet to get checked for parvo and other common illnesses, and helping out at adoption events. With our  brand new Adoption Center, which will house 28 kennels, there are even more ways to get involved. We look to volunteers to walk, feed, play with, and love our pups while they wait to go home with a foster or to their forever home. Volunteers can also help with office work or social media/blogging - often from the comfort of their own home! If you’re interested in learning more about how to get involved, check out our volunteer page.

Celebrate Adopt A Senior Pet Month With Us!

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which is a special month for all rescue organizations, including Wags & Walks.

It’s no secret that everyone loves puppies. They are so cute...and little...and...the list goes on. There are far fewer Buzzfeed articles floating around touting the cuteness of 8+ year old pups, though. Dog lovers are not nearly as talkative about the wonders of senior dogs, and that’s why Adopt a Senior Pet Month is so important. The reality is that it is significantly more difficult for shelters and rescue organizations to find forever homes for their senior dogs.

Today we are going to support the Adopt a Senior Pet Month initiative by highlighting our very own “senior dogs” who are currently available for adoption. After reading some of these pups’ stories, we encourage you to read a previous post we wrote about the benefits of adopting a senior dog. We hope by learning more about the pros and cons of bringing a dog of any age into your home, you can make the best decision for your family.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Cody

After losing a furry friend, it may be hard to ever think of adopting again. This is the story of how a 10 pound pup named Cody won the heart of Stephen and his wife.  What better way to honor the loss of your furry friend than by giving another precious pup the chance at a wonderful loving life? It turned out to be a win win for this trio! You might even shed a tear after reading this heartwarming story.