Why We Love Our Senior Dogs Today and Every Day!

While everyone recognizes today as the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the nation in decades, August 21st marks another day in America - National Senior Citizen’s Day! A day to celebrate the wisdom and love that our family and friends who are senior citizens bring to our lives. We are taking a break from the solar eclipse madness to show our love for another kind of senior citizen today, those senior dogs in our lives.

Top Tech Products For Pups

Technology has become essential in every aspect of our lives, and that includes how we care for our pets! It’s important to give our pups happy and fulfilled lives, and we can harness technology to help bring us all closer together. Today, we’ve pulled together five of our favorite futuristic pet products you didn’t know you needed.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Benny

This is the happy story of Sarah, Alex and Benny.

Sarah and Alex moved to Los Angeles, engaged, and agreed they wouldn’t get a dog until after the wedding. When they stumbled upon a Wags and Walks kissing booth one night in Venice, Sarah was instantly drawn to our mission and wanted to support in any way possible.

The couple started fostering dogs, taking care of them while they were in the process of finding their furever home. Benny was their third foster dog, and they had no idea that he would turn into a permanent part of their family.

Meet Our Mutts on National Mutt Day

Today is a holiday to celebrate our favorite dog breed here at Wags and Walks - mutts! Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier and better behaved, they live longer, and each and every one of them is unique. There are millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters, patiently waiting for their forever home.

We all know that the best dogs are those that have a little bit of everything in them, so on National Mutt Day, it’s only fitting to highlight some of our favorite (and adoptable!) mutts.

5 Reasons Dogs Make the Best of Friends

This Sunday, July 30, marks International Day of Friendship; a day coined by the UN to encourage people of all countries and backgrounds across the world to put aside their differences and come together as friends.

While the UN started this day to bring people together, at Wags and Walks we thought it obviously necessary to include our furry friends in the celebration! We are celebrating friendship the only way we know how - sharing 5 reasons (out of many) why our furry friends are great!

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Cash and Bowie

Two of anything is better than one, especially when you’re talking about puppies. Today we’d like to introduce you to Mia, who knows just how amazing it is to add not only one new puppy to your life, but TWO new puppies. She is a girl after our own hearts. We know exactly what it’s like falling in love with two puppies at the same time like she did with Cash and Bowie...we’ve all been there at one time or another. When you know, you know and that is just what happened that fateful day in Encino. Learn more about their journey together below:

Dog Boarding in Los Angeles This Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It’s full of fun holidays, fresh food, and amazing vacations. While many of us try and bring our dogs everywhere we go, sometimes it just isn’t possible; vacations can be one of those times. It also can be hard, especially if you’re new to a city, to find a reliable pet sitter or boarding facility. If you’re in Los Angeles, here are a few of our favorite boarding facilities to get you started on your search for the perfect spot. Not only are these places amazing and trustworthy, they are also top partners of ours that give back to rescues!

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Bart

Happy Wednesday! This week, we’re excited to share the sweet story of Mindy Magaña and her perfect pup, Bartholomew JoJo Simpson Magaña (Bart for short).

While Mindy didn’t think that she was a “dog person”, everything changed when her mom got a Belgian Shepherd a few years ago. Mindy fell in love and finally got a taste of what it’s like to have a pet. She got a cat to fill the void, but was soon looking for something more friendly and cuddly - enter Bart!

Foster Friday: Amy Disston

July is officially upon us and we hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday.   Another month of summer brings us so much joy and happiness as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. Summertime isn’t the only thing that makes us smile, however. Our wonderful fosters that dedicate their time to love and care for our pups who are looking for their furever homes keep us grinning all day long.

Today, the spotlight is on Amy Disston, who is beyond amazing as she’s fostered over 50 pups for us! Her story is a reason to make you smile. Without further ado, please meet Amy Disston. 

Pucker Up For International Kissing Day!

International Kissing Day isn’t just a holiday for humans to celebrate. Anybody with a four-legged friend knows that the best kisses come from your furry, wet-nosed, slobbery pup.

Today is a day to celebrate love, friendship, and happiness with one of the most simple gestures - kissing! To get into the spirit, we wanted to share some of our favorite doggy kisses from our wonderful alumni, fosters, and volunteers. Enjoy, and pucker up!

4th of July Safety Tips for Our Dogs

This weekend is all about barbecues, family/friends, and fireworks. It’s America’s birthday, and we LOVE celebrating it! But while we are having fun, it can actually be a very stressful time for our pets. If you’re hosting a 4th of July party at your house, you dog can get overwhelmed by having people there they don’t know. Add loud fireworks on top of that, and your normally calm and predictable pup is a completely different dog! Here are a few of our favorite safety tips:

Foster Friday: Anaele Moore

Summer is officially upon us and we couldn’t be any happier! A little extra sun and warmth is just what we need after our long, rainy winter here in LA. With that said, we are so excited to share a little ray of Wags and Walks’ foster sunshine with you: Anaele Moore.

Anaele is a girl after our own hearts who found herself in LA after chasing the sun and never looked back. Since then, she’s changed the world for eight dogs through Wags and Walks’ fostering program, and we are eternally grateful for the time, effort and love she has given to these pups.

Without further ado, learn more about our foster spotlight of the week, Anaele:

Celebrate International Day of Yoga with “Doga”!

Today is the International Day of Yoga, which is a celebration of the popular exercise known for its array of mental, physical and spiritual benefits. While yoga is an activity many enjoy alone, you can also include your pup - which has become known as “doga”!

Both you and your pooch can benefit from practicing yoga together. In addition to more sound sleep and increased circulation, your pup will love the quality time spent with his/her favorite human!

If you are interested in shaking up your pup’s routine, here are five doga poses that dogs of all sizes can easily perform.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Sherman

This week’s Wagging Tail Wednesday is a heartwarming story about first-time dog owners Karli and Haiyang and a very special dog, Sherman (formerly known as James Brown). Even in just reading their story, you can see how much the love and affection of a rescue pup’s new parents can help even the most timid of pups blossom and thrive.

Our Favorite Summer Dog Products

It’s not a pool party without your pup! As the summer months are finally upon us, we can start planning outdoor activities to take advantage of the warm weather with our furry friends. Here are some of our must-have doggy products for the summer, whether you’re hiking, on the lake, at the beach, or simply soaking up sun in your backyard.

Foster Friday- Elise Tate

Hello to June and hello Elise Tate - one of our amazing foster moms! Elise is truly one of a kind, as she’s somehow found the time to dedicate to fostering dogs despite her busy work schedule and traveling every month. One thing we’ve learned from her story is that if she can do it, you can too!  

Elise recently fostered the sweet Evie, who was treated like a queen before finding her forever home. Fosters like Elise put in so much time and effort to make our pups feel special and loved, and that’s what fostering is all about! Without further ado, here is Elise Tate:

2017 Pet Appreciation Week: 5 Benefits to Owning a Dog

In honor of Pet Appreciation Week this week, we want to focus on all the amazing ways dogs make our lives better. There are plenty of ways that we can celebrate the week with our dogs, but taking the time to really recognize what they do for us each and every day is the best appreciation there is. You might not even realize all the effects they are having on your life. Even if you do, here are a few of Wags and Walks’ favorite benefits to having a dog: