Become a Foster to Help Save a Life



Step 1: Fill out foster application online.  Wags and Walks will conduct a phone screening after reviewing your application to discuss the fostering process and get an understanding of the best type of dog for your home. 

Step 2:  Each month you will receive an email requesting your availability to foster in the coming month.  Please reply and let us know your availability even if you cannot foster that month.  We can only save as many dogs as we have fosters for so replying to this email allows us to save a life.

Step 3:  Upon picking up your first foster you will receive a Wags and Walks contract to initial and sign. You will also receive a list of frequently asked questions that are also listed here to reference should anything come up once you get your foster dog home.  

Step 4:  When you pick up your foster dog you will also receive any supplies needed (we have crates, leash, collar, toys, treats, etc if needed) including an "Adopt Me" vest or bandana and Wags and Walks business cards.  

*ALL supplies must be returned to Wags and Walks when your dog is adopted so that we can continue to use them for future dogs we save.  Please do not give them to the adopter.*


Foster Testimonials

"I came to Wags and Walks to foster a small, hypo-allergenic dog, but when I caught Malcolm's glance with his soulful grey eyes I couldn't leave without him.  He quickly became a part of our family and brought so much joy to our lives from the day we took him home until the days Wags and Walks found him the perfect forever home" - David

"Being a new foster, it was honestly one of the best, most rewarding experiences I've ever had. I absolutely loved watching them come into their own and open up to us, and then find amazing new families who instantly loved them so much. My bulldog (JP) has been looking around for the pups ever since they left. He just turned 2 and really loves the playful puppy energy (and likes to be the boss/big bro)! 
The NKLA Adoption event was a blast and made me want to get even more involved. I have been telling all of my friends about the foster experience, process, etc. and how it really does save lives. The goodbye was of course a little difficult and while I was tempted to adopt them both, I know that then I wouldn't be able to continue fostering and helping to make space for more pups. I cannot wait to hear from Megan about another potential foster pup (or two!)
I had such a positive experience that I don't really have any suggestions for areas to improve at this time. Hope this helps!" - Kimmy


" I love being a foster through Wags & Walks, everyone is so wonderful to work with! Anytime i have questions someone always gets back to me so quickly which is awesome. I don't have any complaints at the moment, you guys have always been super helpful and so nice whenever i've needed anything! " - Kristen