Help Our Dogs In Need 

Wags & Walks Dogs Suffer Devastating Pneumonia


Five dogs rescued from different animal shelters - they had nothing in common except they came to Wags & Walks at roughly the same time and they all had kennel cough, we expect kennel cough for most of the dogs that are saved from the shelter. Some antibiotics and rest and they are fine. But for these five dogs the kennel cough quickly turned into a very nasty severe pneumonia .

Bernice the Pitbull Needs Help Finding Her Beauty


After spending 9 months at the shelter, no relief from her skin condition and nobody interested in adoption, Bernice was schedule to be euthanized. Wags & Walks learned about Bernice and went to the shelter to save her. She has been judged and overlooked by adopters for so longr because of her appearance, but we can see the beauty beneath and we know someone else will too!

Mayra the Bald Pitbull - Needs Help Healing & Hair


Is that a hippo? A walrus? Is that one of those fancy rare hairless dog breeds? No - this is Mayra, she's a pitbull and she's almost completely bald! There's nothing fancy or funny about it, this is the result of a skin condition that has been neglected for way too long. She arrived at the public animal shelter as a stray - no chance in hell that someone would choose her to adopt from the shelter looking like this, so Wags & Walks scooped her up and we will see to it that Mayra heals and finds an excellent forever home. She's being treated by a dermatologist for a severe skin condition. It's a long process to restore her health but we're already starting to see some hair grow back! More importantly, the painfully swollen and cracked skin is starting to heal and it's clear that Mayra is already feeling so much better. Please join us in the journey to help Mayra heal.

Lorax (the dog) Needs a Happily-Ever-After


Lorax earned his name because of an uncanny resemblance to the Dr. Seuss character. His silly face and ultra-relaxed disposition makes everyone smile, it's hard for people not to giggle when they meet Lorax. All joking aside though, Lorax came to us as a senior dog with a massive tumor on his shoulder. Other old dog issues like arthritis and cloudy eyes were the least of our worries, this beast of a tumor needed to be removed and checked for cancer. A specialty surgeon was called in for the task, delicately removing the tumor and sending it to the lab for biopsy. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the results came back - no cancer! Just a big 'ol nasty benign tumor that his previous owner ignored while it grew and grew and then maybe that's why he was dumped at the shelter. Thanks to Wags & Walks taking a chance on a dog with huge tumor, now Lorax has a second opportunity to live many more wonderful years in a deserving forever home.

Violet has been Neglected from Head to Toe


Violet has clearly been neglected from head to toe, probably her whole life. She is estimated at 12 years old - never spayed, never washed or groomed, all of her teeth are rotting and she has a significant heart condition. Violet needs to see a cardiologist to investigate the cause and severity of her heart condition and determine when it will be safe to put her under anesthesia for dental surgery. In the meantime we cleaned her up and we're keeping her as comfortable as possible. This darling senior poodle has a tough road ahead and she's facing a lot of uncertainty. Please help us help Violet overcome her neglectful past.

Tiny Dog Milford Struggles to Live


Milford is a small-but-mighty little dog! He's been fighting for his life, suffering from very bad pneumonia and a heart condition. The heart condition alone is manageable but the pneumonia has tried to claim his life repeatedly. On more than one occasion we thought we lost him but this little soldier keeps surprising us with his tenacity and will to live. As long as he keeps fighting, we keep fighting! It's been a long stressful ordeal but we think Milford has finally made a turn for the better and is on the road to recovery now! We surely appreciate anything that can be contributed to the cost of saving little Milford's life.

We Call Him Pastrami, Sweet Pitbull Needs Surgery


Pastrami is a sweet, smiling pitbull who loves everyone he meets. We rescued him from the shelter with a limp and our vet confirms he has a torn ACL ligament in his knee. For a big dog like Pastrami, living with a torn ACL is very painful, recovery from surgery will be tough but 'Rami is a tough guy and we know he will power thru this like a champ! We are seeking assistance with the cost of this surgery, to help Pastrami live pain-free.

Argos is a Good Dog With Bad Hips, Needs Surgery


Argos is a unique looking pitbull/hound mix with sad soulful eyes. Perhaps his expression reflects his pain - Argos has really bad hips, probably born this way. He's approximately 3 years old and has likely suffered with this malformity his whole life. The hip joints are so out of alignment, it's painful to watch him walk. One hip joint is beyond traditional repair methods, but the other joint can be repaired with an FHO surgery. Fixing the one hip joint will provide Argos with some stability and pain relief. He will not be running any marthons or climbing any mountains, but we can provide him with some relief to live a comfortable limited-exercise lifestyle. Please help us help Argos.

Meatloaf - Sweet Dog Suffering Severe Neglect


Wags & Walks just rescued this sweet boy from the shelter, he is now known as Meatloaf! What probably started out as simple allergies was left neglected for so long that it turned into a severe condition affecting Meatloaf's skin and ears. We can only assume that Meatloaf has been suffering like this for many months, maybe years. A few days into treatment for his skin, some xrays revealed another very serious surprise - Meatloaf has a large rock lodged in his stomach! Once the rock is removed, Meatloaf has an excellent prognosis and he is expected to make a full recovery with a long healthy life ahead of him now that he is getting the care he needs.

Claude the Bulldog gets New Ears!


Claude is a special French Bulldog that came into rescue when his owner no longer wanted him. We didn't know that he had serious medical issues when we got him but quickly knew something was wrong. Claude was dizzy and vomiting. He also had bad ear infections which is pretty typical for this breed. We didn't realize the symptoms were all connected - lifelong chronic ear infections due to narrowing of the ear canals were the cause of Claude's vertigo (dizziness/nausea.) Although we attempted to treat the ear infections with traditional methods, his ears were so bad that they were untreatable and he would continue to suffer. The only option was a radical surgery to remove his ear canals/ear drums/wax glands (basically remove the whole inner ear.) Claude will not be able to hear but he couldn't hear well before and now he'll be pain free! Please help us cover the vet bill that provided Claude with new and improved ears!