Help Our Dogs In Need 

We Call Him Pastrami, Sweet Pitbull Needs Surgery


Pastrami is a sweet, smiling pitbull who loves everyone he meets. We rescued him from the shelter with a limp and our vet confirms he has a torn ACL ligament in his knee. For a big dog like Pastrami, living with a torn ACL is very painful, recovery from surgery will be tough but 'Rami is a tough guy and we know he will power thru this like a champ! We are seeking assistance with the cost of this surgery, to help Pastrami live pain-free.

Argos is a Good Dog With Bad Hips, Needs Surgery


Argos is a unique looking pitbull/hound mix with sad soulful eyes. Perhaps his expression reflects his pain - Argos has really bad hips, probably born this way. He's approximately 3 years old and has likely suffered with this malformity his whole life. The hip joints are so out of alignment, it's painful to watch him walk. One hip joint is beyond traditional repair methods, but the other joint can be repaired with an FHO surgery. Fixing the one hip joint will provide Argos with some stability and pain relief. He will not be running any marthons or climbing any mountains, but we can provide him with some relief to live a comfortable limited-exercise lifestyle. Please help us help Argos.

Hershey's Heart Hurts - Help Her Heal!


Hershey is a little dark-chocolate colored chihuahua that came to Wags & Walks after she was abandoned in a vacant apartment. We noticed she was coughing and assumed she must have caught kennel cough but a visit to the vet revealed she has a heart murmur. The murmur plus the cough were cause for concern so we took Hershey to see a cardiology specialist where she received an echocardiogram that confirmed a serious heart condition - degenerative mitral and tricuspid valve disease. This is a progressive disease that will eventually lead to heart failure but medication, careful monitoring, and restricted water intake will slow down the progression and hopefully will afford Hershey some years. Currently little Hershey feels great - she doesn't seem to know there's anything wrong, and her cough is already improving with medication.

Jalapeno's second lease on life


As soon as we met this sweet senior we knew we needed to help him immediately!

Jalapeno's mouth was filled with extremely rotten teeth on the verge of becoming a life threatening infection. He could barely eat his food and was super skinny all due to the neglect of his dental care. We can only assume that Jalapeno has been suffering like this for many months, maybe years.

We immediately rushed Jalapeno to the veterinarian where he had to have 17 teeth removed. This is an extreme dental and only done in cases where there is no other choice but is necessary to save his life from a potentially fatal blood infection.

Just when we thought Jalapeno was over the worst of it, he got sick with pneumonia and needed hospitalization and urgent care.

Help Amazing Dog Libby Fight Cancer


Libby is an inspirational breed-ambassador dog - she is the most gentle, loving, easy-going dog you will ever meet. This girl was in rough shape when we got her, clearly she had lived a difficult life - skin infections, ears infections, poorly cropped ears, rotting teeth, arthritic and she had a very tough time recovering from spay surgery. Whilst getting her first medicated bath we found a lump on her body, then we found another one. Off to the vet she went - 4 rotten teeth removed and the two lumps removed were sent out for biopsy. Unfortunately the news is not good - the biopsy confirms that one of the lumps is a malignant tumor. Although the two lumps were removed, Libby will need another surgery to remove the surrounding tissue to ensure that no cancerous cells are left behind. Removing the cancerous tissue will provide a much brighter prognosis for this special lady. Please help Libby fight cancer!

Doodles Enthusiasm Broke his Knee!


Doodles has such a zest for life, he approaches everything with 100% enthusiasm. It's that amazing enthusiasm that unfortunately led to an accident resulting in a knee injury that needs surgery. Once he recovers from surgery to fix a torn ACL in his knee, Doodles will be walking and romping pain free again. Please help Doodles regain his zest!

Colorado - Puppy with a Broken Hip and Broken Leg


Colorado is a big sweet 6 month old pup that arrived at a City shelter after being hit by a car. The shelter called on Wags & Walks for help and we quickly responded. We brought him straight to our trusted orthopedic surgeon who was able to confirm via xrays that Colorado has a completely broken hip and several fractured bones in his leg. Colorado needs surgery to repair the breaks and stabilize the hip. He has a long recovery ahead of him but once he is healed from surgery he should live a long happy life!

Sweet Little Dog "Prairie" Needs Knee Surgery


This cute little dog was brought to a County shelter as a stray. Nobody came to claim her so Wags & Walks rescued her from the shelter and named her Prairie. We noticed a little limp and she was reluctant to go for walks. We had Prairie evaluated and the doctor confirmed that she has a luxating patella - basically a dislocating kneecap that pops in and out of the socket. Prairie's luxation is pretty severe and she's uncomfortable so she needs surgery to stabilize the knee. Please help us provide Prairie with the surgery she needs so that she can walk and run and enjoy a pain-free life.

Filomena - Abandoned Senior Dog With Pneumonia


Filomena is a lovely senior poodle that was found wandering the streets in terrible condition and although she did have a microchip, nobody responded or cared enough to reclaim their lost friend. Senior dogs, especially those that look like Fil did at the shelter, they just don't get adopted. So Wags & Walks rescued her - first stop, bath and grooming, which revealed not a tan/grey dog but a sparkling white beauty! Clearly she has suffered years of neglect, including a funky growth on her head that needs to be removed and biopsied and a truly offensive mouth full of rotting teeth and gums which needs major oral surgery. Just as we were getting ready to take her in for surgery, Fil got very sick very fast and needed to be hospitalized for pneumonia. She is out of the ICU now but still fighting to get well. The overnight ICU bill was over $1,300 and we still have the the mouth/head surgery and biopsy ahead of us. Please help us help Filomena recover from pneumonia and have surgery.

Meatloaf - Sweet Dog Suffering Severe Neglect


Wags & Walks just rescued this sweet boy from the shelter, he is now known as Meatloaf! What probably started out as simple allergies was left neglected for so long that it turned into a severe condition affecting Meatloaf's skin and ears. We can only assume that Meatloaf has been suffering like this for many months, maybe years. A few days into treatment for his skin, some xrays revealed another very serious surprise - Meatloaf has a large rock lodged in his stomach! Once the rock is removed, Meatloaf has an excellent prognosis and he is expected to make a full recovery with a long healthy life ahead of him now that he is getting the care he needs.

Joyful Jimmy Loses a Leg - Embracing Tripod Life!


Jimmy might look like a tough guy but he is 100% mush! Wags & Walks rescued him from the shelter without knowing that he had an injury. We quickly noticed him limping which continued to rapidly get worse - he wouldn't/couldn't bear any weight on the leg. Xrays revealed an old broken bone that healed very poorly, as well as an elbow injury with severe painful arthritis. The best option for Jimmy is to lose the leg - full amputation. Dogs do surprisingly well on 3 legs, so we expect that Jimmy will recover like a champ and master life as a tripod with pure enthusiasm! Please help us help this joyful boy to conquer the world on 3 legs.