How Animal Rescue Supports The Community

We all know that animal rescue organizations and no-kill shelters are great for the lives of the dogs, cats and other animals that are rescued. That is the obvious part. But the significance these organizations have on the communities around them is often overlooked, and goes so much further than just rescue!

A study at the University of Denver recently discovered a lot of positive information in regards to no-kill shelters and what they do for their communities. When studying how the “no-kill plan” affected Austin, Texas, they found that the economic benefit was a whopping $157 million! In addition to this, no-kill shelters have a positive impact on their communities, largely due to the shelters providing jobs and creating an appealing community to live and start businesses in. Let’s explore a few of these perks!

5 Mother’s Day Gifts that Give Back to Wags & Walks

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s pretty safe to say everyone either has a mother, is a mother, or knows a mother… and dog moms count too! If you haven’t yet gotten a Mother’s Day gift for that special someone in your life, here are a few great ideas your mom (or any mom) will love. And the best part about these gifts is that each one gives back to Wags and Walks and supports our mission to rescue dogs and find them the perfect home.

Doggy Zodiac Series: Taurus

Tomorrow marks the first day of a new zodiac chapter - welcome Taurus season!

Taurus season runs from April 20 through May 20, and the fact that the zodiac sign is a bull reveals a few things right away: Tauruses are known for being strong-willed, determined and dedicated. But it’s not all work for these guys - Tauruses also take the cake when it comes to being reliable, loyal and devoted to their loved ones. They love to indulge in pleasure, whether that means a long walk or a doggy massage.

We are excited to introduce you to some of our available Taurus pups! Of course, we don’t know their real birthdays but it’s clear that these dogs definitely carry a little bit of Taurus in them.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Bella

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re back with our latest Wagging Tail Wednesday, featuring Bella (formerly known as Libra), who was adopted by Hailey last November. We love hearing about how our adopters fell in love with their fur child and how they’ve been adjusting since going home.

Bella turned Hailey into a mom for the first time, and she hasn’t looked back since! Not only has Bella given her an excuse for a long lunch break, nightly cuddles and a reason to exercise daily, but most importantly, Hailey gets to experience the unconditional love that dogs give every single day.

Read on to learn more about Bella’s story:

Ways to Get Involved with Wags & Walks

Since its inception, Wags & Walks has relied and benefited from the amazing community of volunteers and partners that have helped us place dogs in their furever homes! With your helped, we have saved over 4,300 (and counting!) and plan on continuing to do so. We understand that not everyone is able to volunteer or adopt, so we thought we would provide some ways that you can still be involved and make a difference with Wags & Walks!

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Brooklyn

It’s our favorite time of the week when we get to check in and see how one of our alumni are doing in their furever home! This week we would like to introduce you to Brooklyn, who was adopted by a wonderful human named Jason.

Jason was looking for the perfect addition to his family when he found Brooklyn. He fell in love with her temperament and she got along perfectly with his other dog… you could saw it was the pawfect match! The rest is history…

Doggy Zodiac Series: Aries

We are excited to start a monthly zodiac series, which will focus on doggy personality traits and spotlight some of our available pups. Although we don’t always know our rescued dogs’ real birthdays, there’s no denying that our pups have strong personalities, and some could easily be considered a Libra or a Leo...regardless of the day they were born on!

Today is the first day of Aries season, which will run until April 20. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac calendar, so adopting an Aries dog will mark the beginning of a new chapter in more ways than one! Aries are known to be determined, confident, enthusiastic and passionate. An Aries dog may not always come when they are called and their impatient side can show during dinner time, but they want to be the center of your world. They are most compatible with Libras and Leos, who balance out their strong personality.

International Women’s Day: Interview with Our Founder

Today is International Women’s Day - a day to celebrate the achievements of women all of the world. As many of you know, our incredible founder and leader, Lesley Zipkin Brog, is a woman..and a badass one at that

Lesley founded Wags & Walks in 2011 after seeing how many healthy, family-friendly dogs were being euthanized due to overcrowding in LA shelters. She mustered up the courage to leave her comfortable job and start an organization dedicated to making a difference. Today, Wags & Walks operates a full-service Adoption Center in LA and has saved over 4,400 dogs...and counting!

This dog-loving, animal-rescuing, hardworking woman should be celebrated every day, but especially today. On International Women’s Day, we are excited to introduce Lesley and share some of her words of wisdom with the world.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Boots

Today is Wednesday, so you know what that’s time to make some tails wag with our Wagging Tail Wednesday!

Today, we would love to introduce you to Boots, who was adopted by the Lila and her family. It was love at first sight for this family, and Boots has even made a name for herself around the neighborhood with her sweet demeanor and tricks (like a high five)! To hear about Boots and her furever family’s story keep reading.

Top Furriendly Spots in LA: Downtown Edition

If you’re anything like us, you want to take your dog literally everywhere. To the park, to brunch, to the bar, to the dentist’s office… (jk but not really because we would if we could!) Luckily, though, LA is an extremely dog friendly town with a plethora of dog friendly destinations, and not just restaurants! Today, we’re taking you on a trip to Downtown LA and touring some of the amazing (and some not so obvious) furriendly spots.

Love Your Pet Day, featuring Wags & Walks Alumni

Today is the easiest holiday to celebrate - it’s Love Your Pet Day! Now let’s be real, we celebrate this holiday 365 days of the year because there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t love our furry family members. Even when our canine counterparts chew up our favorite shoes or dig up our garden, we can’t deny that underneath our anger is a whole lot of love.

To share the love on this special day, we asked our Wags & Walks adopters to share what they love about their dogs. Read on for the heartwarming responses we received.

5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Dog

Valentine’s Day can be one of those holidays that is so hyped up that it ultimately becomes a disappointment. Between trying to find a date, getting a dinner reservation at that coveted restaurant, and dressing up, it can be exhausting - and far from the celebration of love that it’s meant to represent.

But do you know how to guarantee the most special, loving Valentine’s Day yet? Spend it with your pup! Read on for five of our favorite date ideas for you and your dog.

Foster Friday: Marci and Ted

TGIF...and TG for fosters! Our fosters are so important to us that we wish we could celebrate them on a daily basis. From opening up their homes to training newborn puppies to teaching our dogs love and affection, they go above and beyond to help our mission.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to Marci and Ted, a power couple who uses their free time to foster dogs (14 and counting!) for Wags & Walks. We are so lucky to have them as part of our team and are eternally grateful for everything they have done for us.

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Murray

Happy Wednesday, everyone! With the start of a new year, we are excited to keep working toward our goal of finding forever homes for even more innocent, loving dogs in Los Angeles.

One of our favorite things is seeing our alumni thrive in their new homes. On today’s Wagging Tail Wednesday, we would like to introduce you to Murray, who was adopted by two wonderful humans, Jacob and Devin. Read on to learn more about how Murray wormed his way into his family’s hearts - and is there to stay!

Make Your Pet Your New Year’s Resolution Buddy

We realize that we are almost a month into the new year, but now that things have settled, it’s time to get serious about your resolutions. As you prepare to embark on #NewYearNewYou in 2019, don’t leave your four-legged best friend behind! Studies show that having a resolution buddy helps you stay accountable to your plans for self-improvement — and who says your that resolution buddy can’t be your pup? Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate your dog into your New Year’s Resolutions: