Amazing Rescue Transformations & Wags and Walks Weekly Updates

HP As you can imagine, in the rescue world, we see hundreds of amazing transformations but this might top them all.  If you haven’t already seen this article circling around the web, please take a second to look at this EXTREME transformation that will make you look twice before judging dogs you see in the shelter. Full Photo Gallery Here

Want to see more? Here are some other transformations that will shock you - Buzzfeed: 16 Incredible Transformation Photos Of Shelter Dogsr

And last but not least, our very own Wags and Walks transformations!

before and after


As of today, we have had 94 adoptions in 2014 and saved a total of 118 dogs (including 9 Pitbull puppies that were born yesterday!)  To see pictures of our newest Wags and Walks members, follow us on Facebook