Foster Friday: Kadie Bogart

This week's #FosterFriday is one of Wags and Walks' amazing volunteers, Kadie Bogart! Today she's sharing her story of how she became a foster, and how it's changed her life.

Hi everyone, my name is Kadie. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist in Santa Monica. I was looking to donate my time to the community when I read about Wags and Walks.  I met the founder of Wags and Walks, Lesley Brog, at an informational session for potential fosters.  At the time a pit bull that I had fallen in love with in the last three years of her life was suffering from lymphoma so I was unable to foster right away.  I will never forget the following week when Lesley called me saying that she had a dog that needed a foster, however, she knew what Vega was going through.  I told her Vega had passed and I was open to fostering but worried that Vega would be mad at me.  I decided that Vega would want me to help other dogs in need.  I picked up my first foster dog the next day and have never looked back.    

I have fostered over 40 pit bull and pit mixes for Wags and Walks.  My first two fosters, Pearl and Millie, earned me the title of "Foster Failure". I was close to failing a third time with Hazel, however, I knew keeping a third dog would change my ability to continue fostering.  

My advice to someone who is interested in becoming a foster is... DO IT!  I'm not going to lie.  I have cried a handful of times over my foster dogs, however, I know that they have all gone to amazing homes. Finding them homes allows me to continue to save the lives of other dogs.  I am so thankful for the past two and a half years that I have been involved with Wags and Walks.  I have two amazing and very patient dogs and an incredible group of people I have the honor of calling friends.