Foster Friday: Mallory Poms

Hi! My name is Mallory Poms. I am 26 years old and have lived around the Los Angeles area my entire life. Since I can remember I have always loved animals. Growing up we had all kinds of animals but my favorites were always the dogs. When I went away to college I missed having my animals around me. My roommate and I rescued a cat and kept him in our dorm room until my brother adopted him and gave him a forever home.

The first thing I did after graduating from college was to get my dog, Benny. Shortly after that I got my two frenchies, Bosco and Chunk. Then, last year in March I rescued my recent dog Gus. It was the best decision I have made by far. The shelter said he was only 4 years old but after taking him to the vet, I found out he was more like 7 or 8 years old. Despite his severe hip dysplasia there is no better feeling than seeing how happy and playful he is when I come home. At first I was going to foster him until I found him the best home I could, but I quickly fell in love with him and decided to keep him. Shortly after rescuing him, I had to board him for a few days and when he came home he was so happy he was jumping around every room. Rescuing really is the best feeling in the world. Not only are you changing the life of the dog for the better but yours as well. 

I started volunteering and fostering for Wags and Walks in January 2015 and it has changed my life. I had no idea how many dogs were in shelters and how overcrowded they were. Once I fostered my first dog I knew that I didn’t want to stop. They are the most lovable dogs you will ever meet in your life. To date, I have fostered about 50 dogs and I can honestly say I don’t have a favorite. They all have such lovable personalities and just want to give you love. The biggest challenge I have in fostering dogs is that I am limited to the number of dogs I can have at any  one time. But it feels great to know they are in good hands with me and will have a wonderful life after me. 

My overall goal is to continue fostering until we clear all the shelters and all these dogs get amazing homes. I love seeing how happy the new owners are when they pick up their new dog. I know that they are going to love that dog for the rest of their lives and that dog will do everything they can to please their family. My advice for anyone interested in becoming a foster is to try it out. If you’re like me, and the rest of the Wags and Walks family, you will want to continue on that journey. In addition to the satisfaction I feel when my foster dogs get adopted, I have the added benefit of being a part of the Wags and Walks family.