Wagging Tails Wednesday – Andie

Wagging Tails Wednesday – Andie

June 29th, 2016

We are excited to share our newest pupdate! This week we’re featuring the lovable Andie. Andie has been in her forever home for over two months now and she is thriving. Coming home to new dog owners, every one had some learning to do. But Andie has made it easy with her loving nature, silly sense of humor, and sparkling intelligence!

Andie loves everyone she meets and is enjoying making best friends with dogs in the neighborhood. She enjoys playing catch and fetch and is a true athlete – fastest doggie in town! But she is also a mellow pup who has many favorite snuggle spots. 

Andie’s family enjoyed their first vacation together hiking the trails of Sedona, AZ. Andie is a brilliant hiker who navigated boulders and streams with grace. 

Andie is considering different Halloween costumes. 

Here she is with the family on Devil’s Bridge, in the first of many adventures to come. 

Andie’s family will forever be grateful to Wags and Walks for rescuing this amazing girl.

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