A Letter from our Founder

Everyone always asks me as the founder of Wags and Walks, what makes us different and special. What I have noticed over the last 5 years is when we save a wonderful dog from the shelter both the dog and us are happy. It feels so good to get a dog to safety for us and for them. Then we noticed their fosters were happy to be a part of their lifesaving transition from abandoned and in danger to becoming ready for their forever home. The last step of course is when our dogs get adopted and we are so happy that our dogs are saved and loved, as they should be.

As much as we knew people who adopted a Wags and Walks dog would find joy with their new companion, we had no idea the way in which each and every life is touched. From the happy photos on our alumni Facebook page (of our dogs that were about to die) swimming in Lake Tahoe, hiking in mammoth, or going everywhere with their new family. We especially love email updates of how our hundreds and hundreds of our adopters have found so much happiness with their Wags and Walks dogs. 

We even love the photos of the dogs sleeping in their cozy beds and couches where we believe they belong. Our team of volunteers and staff are constantly encouraged and inspired by how happy our dogs and our adoptive families are. It felt like it only made sense to choose the tag line “Bringing Happiness Home” for Wags and Walks because although we see too many sad stories, our mission is to inspire with the success stories daily of what a community can accomplish together when they truly love dogs.

Our fast track of saving and placing 650 dogs a year proves that this is working. Thank you for helping us bring happiness home each and everyday. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat (@wagsandwalks).  Also, don’t forget to signup for our e-mail newsletter, and check our website for available dogs.