Wagging Tails Wednesday – Pizza

Wagging Tails Wednesday – Pizza

July 13th, 2016

We are thrilled to share our newest pupdate! This week we’re featuring the perfect pitt, Pizza. Kate and her family know that every dog parent thinks their baby is a unique snowflake, but Pizza really is special and they would say that objectively Pizza is the best dog that has or will ever walk the planet. (That’s a lot of love for Pizza who they state is the best thing to happen to them EVER)!

Kate notes that she has never met a dog with so much personality and who is so driven by pure love.  Their last year has been filled with a lot of cuddles, long hikes, games of chase, learning tricks, being gushed over by strangers, and more cuddles.

Pizza’s family will forever be grateful to Wags and Walks for bringing this wonderful pup into their lives. 

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