Foster Friday – Aliza Grossman

Foster Friday – Aliza Grossman

 July 22nd, 2016

Today we want to introduce you to one of our selfless fosters, who is an integral part of the Wags and Walks family. Aliza is a huge dog lover, having fostered three dogs for us thus far and volunteering at various events. We are extremely grateful for you and truly honored to share your story with our readers. Take it away, Aliza…

“I grew up in San Diego and I've lived in LA for about three years now. I just graduated from law school and am preparing to take the bar exam at the end of July.

I've always loved animals and wanted a dog but growing up my dad was allergic to dogs so we were stuck with cats and fish! I have always seen a dog in my future but with the uncertainty of school and career I knew it wasn't responsible on a financial or stability level to get a dog of my own. I started looking into fostering my second year of law school and it's been a great way to "have a dog" without the lifetime commitment. 

To date I've full time fostered three dogs but have been happy to help with weekend or short term fostering when my class schedule didn't allow for full time fostering. Hercules was by far my favorite foster, I had him for five months and he was an absolute dream. He'll always have a place in my heart and I still have his picture up on my wall! 

The biggest challenge fostering so far has been Bambi's stubbornness. With such a strong willed dog, I have to be on top of my training game every minute otherwise she'll walk all over me. I will say that being faced with this particular challenge has allowed me to learn from the best and my handling skills have improved exponentially!

Fostering has given me such a great outlet throughout law school. It feels really good to put your extra time and energy into giving back to the community and saving lives. It's also taught me a lot about what traits to look for when I am ready for my forever dog.  

The most unexpected part of fostering has to be the community of wonderful people I stumbled upon when I became part of the Wags and Walks community. In addition to the amazing support they give to their fosters and volunteers, they are a wonderful group of people that I'm happy to call friends. 

As for super practical advice for new fosters- don't be afraid to reach out and ask for support or resources when you need them, there's a huge network all over LA here to help you! But the question I get asked most often about fostering is how I possibly let them go once they find their forever families. My answer is always the same- the reason I foster instead of getting my own dog is my inability to make a life long commitment right now. I think knowing going into that it's a temporary situation makes it easier. From day one you know there's a family out there who can and will make that lifelong commitment to them and you let them go because that's more than you can give and that's what they deserve.”

Thank you so much! Team Wags is eternally grateful for all that you do for everyone around you. If you're interested in becoming a foster, fill out an application here. Make sure to share this post with your friends on social media, so that we can spread the word about how life-changing fostering is! It not only saves dogs lives, but it will change yours too.

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