Saving South Korea

Earlier this month, we read about Humane Society International’s inspiring rescue of 200 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm. We sleep better knowing that 200 dogs, that were once destined for the dinner table, now have a second chance at life. We applaud HSI for their worldwide campaign to end the practice of raising dogs for human consumption in South Korea.


This is a cause that is close to our heart. In July 2016, Wags and Walks implemented our own rescue mission, saving six innocent dogs from a Korean Dog Meat Factory.

While Wags and Walks is committed to accomplishing a No-Kill Los Angeles, we also feel compelled to step up in times of crisis beyond Los Angeles. Seeing the abuse and slaughtering of dogs in South Korea, we knew we had to get involved. Wags and Walks partnered with Nami Kim, an animal rights activist who has dedicated her life to fighting the dog meat trade, to rescue six sweet puppies – who we named Jody, Heidi, Bell, Duke, Cherry and Tora.


While this may seem like a small victory in a vast, global problem, we know that each and every dog’s life is worthwhile. If we can change the world for one dog, then we’ve succeeded in making a difference.


Dogs that are raised in a South Korean meat farm know nothing beyond the filthy, cramped cages they call home and the abuse they endure on a daily basis. For our six puppies, we were able to open the door to a new chapter and show them what it means to be loved. After taking them to the vet for proper care and treatment, bringing in dog trainers to help them adjust to their new life, and placing them in foster homes where they began their journey to recovery, we eventually found each puppy the perfect forever home to grow and thrive. Now, they have the life they deserve, and their time spent in South Korea is a distant memory of the past.


Thank you to our supporters, donors, fosters and volunteers who enable us to give dogs a second chance at life – in Los Angeles and beyond.


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Team Wags