National Pit Bull Awareness Month Is Here

Did you know that there is more to October than pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween? October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month and the 28th of October is Pitbull Awareness Day! This month promotes a cause very near and dear to our hearts at Wags and Walks.

Pit Bull Awareness Month is dedicated to helping restore the image of the American Pit Bull across the US. One of the most stigmatized and negatively stereotyped breeds of dog, it takes all of us working together to help refute these stereotypes and to educate our communities. There are a wide range of false stereotypes pervasive in our society regarding pit bulls. These myths are so widely believed that pit bulls are actually banned in many jurisdictions across the country.

Additionally, there are often breed restrictions for apartment complexes that list pit bulls as one of the breeds simply because of these negative (and false) stereotypes based solely on the breed’s appearance. These restrictions are a huge issue, as they lead to increased rates of pit bulls landing in high-kill shelters.

To support positive understandings of pit bulls, we are dedicating this post to highlighting some of our current pit bull rescues who are ready to find their forever families:


Say hello to Abby. Abby is a 4.5 year old, 60 pound pit bull. Abby is, to put it short, a classic pitty goofball. She spends most of her time smiling the most iconic and loving pit bull smile and prying you for constant belly rubs. One of the biggest myths about pit bulls we want to dispel is that they are “genetically aggressive”. Dogs are not born genetically pre-disposed to be “aggressive.” That behavior is created by life experience, and has more to do with the owner and environment than the dog breed. Pit bulls - like many other dog breeds - are very enthusiastic and loyal dogs, and Abby is a great example of a generous and kind pit bull who is ready to find her forever family to love.


Another pit bull currently available for adoption is Carmella. Carmella is a sweet 48 pound, 5 year old pit bull. She would love nothing more than to smother you in kisses. She is not only a beautiful dog, but she is a total love bug - to both humans and other dogs. Carmella has the same “block head” that all pit bulls have, and she is a great example of why it is false to blindly assume “pit bull features” means an angry and ferocious dog. Carmella couldn’t be further from that!


This happy boy is Sam. Sam is a 1.5 year old pit bull. He is a huge goofball who loves to play and be around people. He listens, sits well, and will do anything for a treat. Sam shows the world how, contrary to popular belief, pit bulls can be good with kids. They are just as likely to be good with kids as any other dog breed! Sam would make the perfect companion for a family of any kind who is ready for 52 pounds of absolute love.


Say hello to the sweetest face you’ll ever see. This is Larry, a 2 year old, 42 pound pit bull. Larry has that signature block head and muscular build of a pit bull. He also has that classic pit bull floppy, wide mouthed smile that couldn’t get any cuter. Many people who would see a dog of Larry’s size and breed would immediately assume he is aggressive. The reality is that Larry is an unbelievably kind and goofy dog. He just wants to hang by your side and make you happy. That’s the true trait of a pit bull - affectionate, loyal and loving. We couldn’t imagine a pup more snuggly than Larry, and we want everyone else to immediately see his true nature as well.

These are only a few pit bulls up for adoption on our site right now. If you want to see the rest - and any of our other adoptable pups - check out all of our available dogs. There are an unbelievable number of pit bulls who enter into LA shelters each day. These dogs are not unlike any other dog in need of someone to rescue him/her. Wags and Walks loves our pit bulls, and we hope you take this month to seek out resources that help educate you on both the myth behind the stigma surrounding pit bulls and also about the true traits of pit bulls.

Molly  is happy to help change the pit bull stigma

Molly is happy to help change the pit bull stigma

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Team Wags