Celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month with Us

Something wicked this way comes...wicked fun! We’ve had so many exciting activities at Wags and Walks this October, and they certainly aren’t over yet. While this weekend might be consumed by all things trick or treating related, we have a really fun event that can help you celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month. Yep that’s right, October is an extra special month for us. Even though we celebrate adopting shelter pets everyday, it doesn’t hurt to take a month to recognize their importance! Learn more about our event this weekend and other ways to can celebrate Adopt a Shelter Pet Month:

While we know Halloween is on the mind, we would love for you to join us at our special adoption event, Dogs on the Job, on Sunday, October 29th at Adopt & Shop in Culver City. There will be special demonstrations by the Culver City K9 Unit and Fire Department, as well as Culver City Mayor, Jeffrey Cooper. Come meet some amazing adoptable dogs (and cats too!) and have some FUN!


If you aren’t able to attend our event, here are a few more ways you can get in on the excitement of Adopt a Shelter Pet Month:

  1. Share pictures of local shelter pet looking for a home on your social media pages. Spreading the word can help get them adopted! We love when people share our amazing adoptable dogs.

  2. Visit your local shelter and give some love to the pets there. If you live near a shelter or have some extra time in your day, go say hi to the pets. They love company.

  3. Check to see if any local shelters or rescue organizations are in the need of any donations, whether it be food, blankets, beds, etc. A little goes a long way!

  4. If you love taking photos, see if your photography skills are needed. You can help take photos of adoptable pets, events being held, or just teach volunteers how to get the best photos.

  5. Become a foster! Whether with us here at Wags and Walks or another shelter/organization, being a foster helps rescue more dogs/cats and gives a safe and loving home to the pets.

Meet  Sophie , our poodle/terrier mix, who is happy to be in her foster home.

Meet Sophie, our poodle/terrier mix, who is happy to be in her foster home.

These are just a few ways to get involved during the final days of Adopt a Shelter Pet Month, but they can be done year round. Any little bit helps! And we hope to see you on Sunday at Adopt & Shop!

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Team Wags