10 Spooktacular Halloween Dog Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of the best holidays in LA. How could it not be? It involves lots of candy and dressing up in silly costumes with your friends and family. Above all, though, it’s one of the only days that dog parents can get their dogs to wear that ADORABLE outfit for more than 5 minutes.

If we are being honest, Halloween is just as much if not more about our pups than anything else. After all, they play a huge role in handing out the candy to the trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. They guard the candy with their lives and ensure only the good kids - those who pet them and give them many compliments - get a treat.

Of course, you will also bring them to the office in their outfit for your Halloween celebration and there may even be a parade or two you plan to attend. Basically, your dog’s costume probably matters more to you than your Halloween costume does.

Some of you reading this have probably had your dog’s outfit planned for months (photos please!). Others, are feeling the pre-Halloween jitters. Maybe you binged Stranger Things a little too hard this weekend and forgot to head to the Halloween store before it had been picked clean, or your DIY outfit didn’t work out so well and you are on to round two.

For both the prepared and unprepared, we have 10 dog costume ideas that we hope inspire you this (or next!) Howl-o-ween.

1. A Crayola Crayon

We’ve all seen it in human version, but it is just so much cuter when a dog is wearing this outfit. Look at Frankie! She is a Wags and Walks alum and clearly the cutest crayola crayon on the market.

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Crayola Crayon

2. Simba from The Lion King

The best Halloween outfits are the family costumes. When you can find a theme that works for both human and dog, it’s perfect! The first one that comes to our minds is The Lion King. This is a great idea for those already tan dogs - both big and small. Plus, the tail comes included with the dog, so this is a great costume idea for those last minute dog parents!

Wags and Walks_Halloween_The Lion King

3. A Bumblebee

This is Olive, she’s a Wags and Walks alum and the most gentle bumble bee we’ve ever seen! If you want to see more photos of Olive being an adorable model, head over to The Gentle Pit!

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Bumblebee

4.  A Mighty Dragon

Imagine walking into a costume party to see the smallest dog there dressed as a big ol’ dragon. Enough said. Look at our Wags and Walks alum, Lady Sybil  in her costume, she is ferociously cute!

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Dragon

5. A Police Officer

Watch out, a new sheriff's in town! Deputy Harley is a Wags and Walks alum and he’s rocking the police officer uniform. Talk about a good guard dog for the halloween candy! No one will mess with you at the dog parade with a deputy by your side.

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Police Officer

6. A T-Shirt Mascot

A lot of good costumes can be made by using human t-shirts and just cutting them down to size. There is no shortage of themed t-shirts out there that you can use to get a little festive. Here is Olive really just showing that dogs are the best models for anything, including fries.

Wags and Walks_Halloween_T-Shirt Mascot

7. A Lumberjack

It may have been 105 degrees in LA last week but it’s cooled down quite a bit over the weekend! In theme with this week’s weather, a lumberjack is a great family costume option. You won’t see many lumberjacks in LA! Plus, it’s a good use of that flannel you just pulled out of your closet for the first time.

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Lumberjack

8. A Sunflower

Since dogs are the sunniest part of our lives, it only makes sense to dress them up as sunflowers for Halloween! Amongst a sea of vampires and ghosts, your dog will definitely stand out in this get up!

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Sunflower

9.  A Unicorn

Every child has dreams of finding a real life unicorn. You can make that happen this year by transforming your beloved pup into the mythical creature. Whether you are at the office costume party, out trick-or-treating, or just handing out candy, this costume choice is bound to garner lots of love.

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Unicorn

10. A Strawberry

A fun DIY project for Halloween is picking out your favorite fruit and turning it into a costume! If you are looking for a good jumping off point, Shari’s Berris has a great 6-step tutorial on how to make your dog into the cutest strawberry for Halloween! There are even pointers on how to make the costume work for the whole family!

Wags and Walks_Halloween_Strawberry


Maybe one of these 10 dog costume ideas was just what you needed to get your pup ready for the big day. From all of us at Wags and Walks, we hope you have Happy Halloween filled with fun dog costumes and plenty of treats  - including some dog friendly treats for our pups!

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Team Wags