Foster Friday: Abigail and Groot

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today is a day that represents luck and celebration, so we want to highlight an amazing foster and a very special pup, both of whom Wags and Walks is lucky to have as part of our family.

Abigail is a first-time foster, and as chance would have it, she was paired with a very unique pup. Her very first foster dog is a charming fella who goes by the name of Groot.

What makes Groot so special isn’t his adorable face or non-shedding coat; it’s his resilience and love for life, despite his hardships, that caught our eye. The 7-month-old Maltese pup had very little mobility in his back legs when Wags and Walks saved him, but that didn’t slow him down one bit and he was happily scooting everywhere! We were certain he was paralyzed and would need wheels, but this guy is tough and is fighting to stand again, strengthening his back legs through physical therapy.

Groot’s unbelievable progress is a testament to his foster, Abigail. Despite not having any foster experience before Groot, she’s shown a huge amount of commitment, love and patience. From physical therapy appointments to ensuring he gets the right diet, exercise and medicine, Abigail has been the perfect person to take little Groot under her wing!

Abigail stumbled  into the Wags and Walks family by chance (or luck, as the Irish would say), and her time with Groot is a true celebration. But, we’ll let Abigail tell you the rest:

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am originally an Okie that recently moved to LA LA Land! I am an actress/nanny! I have a pup of my own - Maci the Maltipoo! In my free time I like to try new restaurants, binge on TV shows, do calligraphy work, photography and make movies!

Why did you start fostering for Wags & Walks?

It just kind of fell into my lap! It wasn't intentional. I didn't originally even think about fostering! I just came across Groot's picture and decided to meet him, and through him I learned about Wags & Walks and their mission, and I wanted to get involved.

How has it been to have your first time fostering be with Groot (who is a very special pup!)? Can you tell us a bit about him, his story and how you came to be his foster?

Groot is the SWEETEST pup I have ever met in my entire life. He is so relaxed and a very "go with the flow" guy! His favorite things to do are eat, cuddle and give lots of kisses! Groot is a very special dog and it does have its challenges at times, but the unconditional love he gives makes the harder times worth it! I came to be his foster when I saw his picture on CARE's Facebook page. They had him in workout gear complete with a sweatband - and that was it! I don't see his disability; I see his potential and love for life!

What has been your biggest challenge so far as a foster parent? Especially as it is your first time.

Just trying to get in a routine and making sure I’m doing everything correctly, especially since he is a special pup! The first week was the hardest. I lacked sleep and my patience was a bit worn, but when we got into a routine and we figured each other out, it’s been great! I feel like each day gets better, and I can find a positive in each day!

Your fostering Groot helped save his life. Do you feel it has also affected yours? How so?

I stepped in for him when he really needed someone, and I'm glad I came in at his time of need! It is hard knowing that I can't do this forever, but for the time that I do have him, I hope it has made him happy and has had an impact on him! He has affected me in many ways. First, by showing me unconditional love. Groot gives out unconditional love constantly, despite his hardships. Patience is something I have also learned with this little guy. Things may not go the way you planned and get hard sometimes, but you just have to be patient! Lastly, he has shown me determination and has helped me apply that in my own life. If he can do it...I can do it!

What has been your biggest surprise so far as a foster parent?

I feel like every day is a surprise with Groot man, so can I say every day is a surprise?! He always keeps me on my toes!

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in becoming a foster?

If you have the it! Even if it's short term! It helps make an animal’s life better, and it's extremely rewarding!

Do you plan to foster again after Groot?

I'm sure I will when the timing is right!

Thanks so much for sharing your first foster experience with us, Abigail! Groot is so lucky to have you, and so are the rest of us at Wags and Walks. Your and Groot’s fast friendship exhibits how caring, playful, and full-of-life dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We learn so much about life from the pups in our lives, and as Abigail showed through her story, that impact is even felt from a short time spent with a foster dog.

Abigail and all other fosters are crucial to the Wags and Walks mission. As you can see by Groot’s story, every pup we bring in to Wags and Walks is unique. Because of our fosters, who provide a loving and safe home for the dogs, we are able to find the perfect Forever Homes for these pups. Interested in becoming a first time foster like Abigail? Find out more information about how you can get involved on our website!

With that, Happy Friday and Happy St. Patty’s Day to all those celebrating! May your day be filled with luck, laughs and plenty of puppy kisses.

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Team Wags