Celebrate National Puppy Day

While many of you probably celebrate National Puppy Day every day (because you love your dogs so much), March 23rd is the official international day of awareness to not only celebrate puppies, but also to promote adoption. There are very few things that are able to make so many different people smile the way that puppies do, without even having to do anything. Whether you are walking down the street or playing at home, puppies can brighten the worst days with their goofy, happy demeanors. There are so many great ways to celebrate National Puppy Day, and we’d like to start by telling you about some of our favorite puppies available for adoption right now on Wags and Walks! Get ready to have all the feels:


Meet the Jetson Litter

Jane, George, Elroy and Judy are 8 week old blonde terrier spaniel mixes with terrific young spirit and a lot of puppy energy. They love to play with one another and chew on toys. They already sleep through the night and are a blank slate for training and very eager to learn. With puppy basic training, they will grow up to be handsome and happy companions for a lucky person or family. They are healthy, up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped and will be ready for adoption in just a few days, so stay tuned for more info!


Meet Matilda

Please meet Matilda, the puppy who never stops wagging her tail! This 6 month old easy going and loving girl weighs about 25 pounds and has a beautiful tan and white coloring. Although she's a pup, Matilda (like the movie) is an old soul. She is gentle, fun loving and wants to love everyone she meets including dogs. She is a pitbull mix who is being fostered with 3 young children and 4 dogs of all sizes.  According to her foster, "she is the perfect little girl."  Matilda is being treated for demodex mange, but is otherwise healthy up to date on vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.


See Matilda featured on Pup Pals!

Tips Before Adopting

If adopting a new puppy has been on your mind for a while now, there are a few things to think about before sealing the deal. Puppies are amazing, but they are also a ton of work. Make sure you are ready for some sleepless nights, accidents, chewing, and spending lots of time on training. Also, have a game plan ready for where your puppy is going the spend the day. Especially while they are young, puppies have to go out every 3-4 hours, which is hard if you have a full-time office job. So make sure you have a work schedule that is going to permit you taking time during the day for potty breaks or have someone who is able to help you! Of course, there are so many rewarding benefits to having a young dog: breakthroughs in training, the stages of growing up, and the puppy awkwardness to name a few. Puppies are a ton of work but worth every moment in the end, as long as you truly are ready to commit to them. If any or all of that scares you, maybe it isn’t time for a puppy but rather an older, more self-reliant dog. Either way, you are going to be greeted every morning, noon, and night with unconditional love and happiness.

Fun Ways to Celebrate with Your Pup

  • Take Your Dog on a Long Walk
  • Make Homemade Dog Treats
  • Buy Your Pup a New Toy
  • Do a Pup Photoshoot
  • Take Your Dog on a New Hike


We hope that you enjoyed meeting some of our adoptable pups. We have so many that are waiting to share their love with you and find their forever homes! We hope you are able to find the perfect adoptable pup for your lifestyle!

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Team Wags