Why Every Day Should Be Take Your Pup To Work Day

What does your pup do when you go to work all day? Maybe you have a friend who can stop by to give your pup some love once a day, or you are able to head home midday to take your pup out for a walk. Other people have a dog walking, babysitting or daycare service they swear by. For everyone, though, how much time you spend away from the home is an important factor to consider when adopting a dog.

Luckily, Los Angeles is a pretty laid back city, and we are starting to see more companies turn into dog-friendly offices. Because those of us at Wags and Walks are huge supporters of bringing our dogs to the workplace, we wanted to highlight a few of the many benefits of bringing your pup to the office.  Also, we hope you enjoy the photos of us, our coworkers and our pups scattered throughout this post!

1. Dogs help reduce stress...and the office is full of that

Raise your hand if you ever get stressed at work... For most, the workday can be stressful sometimes. When you are at home and feeling sad, or stressed or even just tired, your dog is often your best companion. They are a great stress reliever at the office, too. After all, even the presence of dogs is extremely therapeutic for many humans. So, whether they are laying in their office-chair nest, sitting by your feet, or playing with a ball on the floor, the day is just better with your dog there as your sidekick.

2. Your dog is much happier with you all day than without you

We talked about how your dog can help reduce your stress at work, but you also help reduce your dog’s stress by being around him/her! Dogs feel much more comfortable and safe when they are around their human instead of alone. Maybe you are thinking, “but he naps all day anyways,” well for many dogs, all they need is the comfort of knowing you are with them to feel happy.

3. It gives your dog the opportunity to socialize

For dogs of all ages, socializing is very important. It helps puppies become well-behaved and friendly adult dogs, and it is great for the mental health of adult dogs as well. If you have a dog-friendly office, chances are many people will also be bringing their dogs to work.  That means your dog can stay active and social during the day by playing with other pups or even just playing around people!

4. Dogs are a great way to get to know your coworkers

Normally once you bring your pup to the office, he/she becomes an immediate celebrity amongst your coworkers. This is a great opportunity for you to socialize and meet new people or get to know people better in your office. Bonding over a dog means you already have at least one thing in common! Plus, your pup can play fetch with your coworkers when you are in the zone with work. Your dog is happy and helping boost the morale across the office. By the end of the day, your dog is basically one of the crew!


5. Your dog helps remind you to take a break

Do you ever look away from your computer and somehow 5 hours have gone by while you were in the zone scrutinizing over that excel doc? Suddenly you are exhausted and probably have a hard time focusing for the rest of the day. Even just a short walk at lunch or a 10-minute mindfulness meditation break can help you stay energized throughout the day.

One of the best parts about having your dog with you at the office is he/she helps remind you to take those breaks. Every hour you can take a couple minutes to lay on the floor with your pup and play, snuggle or just mindlessly pet him/her. Or maybe, you could try out some human and doggy dual yoga. They are downward dog naturals!

5. It builds in a mid-day exercise routine

Along the lines of taking a break, when dogs stay at home all day they may not exercise or even get a potty break at all until you come home. When you bring your dog to the office, though, you can take him/her out for a walk at lunch and also take as many potty breaks as needed. This will increase the long-term health of your dog...and you! It’s important to move around during the day, so consider bringing your dog to the office a much needed excuse to build a lunchtime walk into your day!

These are of course only only five of the very many benefits of a pet-friendly office for both humans and dogs. Also, when offices allow employees to bring their pups to work, they are not only creating a friendlier atmosphere, but they could be making a difference in the life of a pup! While it is not the only factor preventing dog adoption, it is not an uncommon one!

Keep in mind, though, that bringing your dog to work is not right for every person, office or dog. Some dogs would prefer napping on the couch at home to being around people or other dogs all day. There also may be people in your office who feel uncomfortable around dogs, or your office environment may just not be suitable for a dog. It is definitely important to first know your dog’s temperament and your office’s rules, then you should try it out before making “Take Your Pup To Work Day” an everyday ritual!

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Team Wags