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For many of us, dogs have represented hope in a time of grief or loss. Animals give unconditionally and provide support for people at their most vulnerable times. Wags and Walks is proud to be aligned with a wonderful organization, OUR HOUSE, that is dedicated to providing the community with grief support services, education, resources and hope.

On Saturday, April 30th, OUR HOUSE Run For Hope is taking place to honor the memories and celebrate the lives of those who have died. As one of the presenting sponsors, Wags and Walks is excited to bring people and dogs together to support this wonderful cause. Through this event, we will honor the memories of those we have lost - both people and pets - and celebrate the power of community and togetherness to heal and move forward.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can join the Wags and Walks team by making a donation or signing up to run or walk with us at Run for Hope. All donations and money raised by Team Wags will support our mission to save, foster and care for rescue pups.

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Since this run will honor the memory and celebrate the lives of those who have passed away, here are a few testimonials from the Wags and Walks family, sharing our own experience of losing a beloved pet.

“I love all my dogs very deeply, but I once read a description of a heart dog described as ‘the dog of your lifetime’. Roxxy was and will always be my ‘heart dog’. Tough for many to believe that we can have a canine soulmate, but I am here to tell you that Roxxy was my canine soulmate. Roxxy was found on the streets when she was just a few months old, so to have her for almost 17 years is such a blessing but it doesn’t take away the feeling of wanting to have had her for many more years. Buddhists believe that we humans can incarnate as animals. I am not a Buddhist but I would love to come back as Roxxy because there isn’t any human or animal kinder and more loving than Roxxy. My favorite line is: My goal in life is to become as wonderful as my dogs think I am!!” - Tracy

 “Dexter was my first love. His nickname was monkey for his extremely excitable personality and ability to jump from one piece of furniture to the next. He LOVED attention and as a puppy, he was a total show stopper. I couldn't take him for walks because people would stop their cars, run down from 3rd story apartments and run through traffic to say hello to him. Dexter learned to expect the royal treatment! He was too smart for his own good and was my biggest protector. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and miss him.” - Erica

 “Peaches was my Buddha dog. She set the tone for the rest of her pack: calm, quiet, soulful. Her big questions in life were, ‘Are you nice?’ and ‘Do you have food for me?’ She liked fruits and veggies and only barked in her sleep.” - Lor

In loving honor of Dunkin, the dog that changed the course of my entire life and inspired me to love pitbulls and start Wags and Walks. He was soulful, fun, snuggly, gentle, loyal, a great hiker and ball catcher and just over all the best friend I have ever had. I miss him every day…” - Lesley

“To my best friend [Vega]. The keeper of all my secrets. The ET to my Eliot. I will forever be grateful for being your mom. You will be loved. Always.” - Kadie

“Our sweet and regal Ella, a Doberman/Lab mix, was the epitome of sweetness, patience and soulfulness. She was beautiful and loving and had such a spiritual presence. We were so grateful to have her with us for so long – almost sixteen years; so unusual for such a big dog, and I know in my heart that she is protecting us still. I miss her so much and will be eternally grateful to her for being such a very special companion.” - Nicole

“Our little Trixie was such a character; the feistiest and hysterical little Terrier mix. I’ve never known any other dog to bark with her whole body like she did – she was outraged if a stranger dared to come into the house and made sure they knew it but on the other hand her entire being wriggled with joy when she was happy or excited, sometimes peeing in the process. I was convinced she was part cat as her fur was so soft and she loved perching on the back of sofas. I miss that sweet baby so.” - Nicole

"Ween was the one we hoped would live forever." - Layne & Sally

"Tito was not only my best friend and the rock to our family, but a heart and soul that touched the lives of everyone he came in contact with. Today Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners (LARPBO) is a testament that Tito has succeeded and that his legacy will live on". - Troy

Remembering some of the many dogs who have made an impact on our Wags and Walks family. 

Remembering some of the many dogs who have made an impact on our Wags and Walks family. 

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