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Did you know that our Founder, Lesley Brog, started Wags and Walks because of her love and inspiration from her beloved Pit bull? You heard that right. Lesley described her pit, Dunkin, as “soulful, fun, snuggly, gentle, loyal, a great hiker and ball catcher and just over all the best friend I have ever had.” Many people may be surprised to hear that about a pit bull, as there are many unfair stereotypes and negative attention surrounding the breed. Dunkin’s loving personality changed Lesley’s view of pits and inspired her to love pit bulls and drop the stereotypes. We hope Lesley’s story will inspire you to give one of our available pitties their forever homes!

In 2017 alone, Wags and Walks found homes for 38 pit bulls (and counting!) who are now thriving in their new homes. Here are some of the newly adopted pit bulls and their loving new families:

(L-R): Nancy Drew, Brooklyn, Denver, Stella, Juliet, Rex, Krieger, Molly

(L-R): Nancy Drew, Brooklyn, Denver, Stella, Juliet, Rex, Krieger, Molly

If you’re considering adopting a wonderful pittie, we still have some who are looking for their furever homes. Here are some amazing pups we would like you to meet.

Wags and Walks_Available_Pit Bull_Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is a beautiful auburn girl with stage presence! This 3-year-old, 58 pound boxer/pit mix has graduated from our 5 paws training course where she excelled in her obedience training and knows all of her basic commands. We love this happy girl for her loyalty, affection and overall easy going behavior as well as her amazing nanny qualities - she just loves children (especially babies). She is just a joy to be around and we would love her to find her forever home!

Wags and Walks_Available_Pit Bull_Ava

Meet Ava, a gorgeous 4-year-old, gray and white pit bull weighing 46 pounds. She wags her tail nonstop and loves getting belly rubs. Ava is very treat driven and eager to please. This pocket pitty is the perfect size to take everywhere you go.

Wags and Walks_Available_Pit Bull_Megan

Meet the mushy and squishy Megan!  This absolutely stunning and sweet girl is only one and a half years old, but has an old soul about her.  She melts into your lap and loves everyone and everything.  Megan is clearly beautiful with a contagious smile and her adorable grey patch and little black polka dots.  Megan enjoys long walks, car rides and is nice, quiet and polite.  This sweet girl is a people pleaser and a complete love bug!  

Wags and Walks_Available_Pit Bull_Frankie

Meet Frankie, a 5-year-old lover of all treats, licker of all faces and overall sweetie. This sweet velvet hippo is so gentle when taking treats and has not met a human he doesn't love. He has such a big heart and is patiently waiting for his forever home.

Meet Tiger, the most loving and lovable 6 year old brindle pit bull mix weighing 73 pounds. He is good with everyone and everything he meets, and that is so obvious when you meet him!  Tiger is eager to please, thinks he is a lap dog and is full of affection. This gentle giant is ready to meet you!

Meet Ruby, a jolly, happy go lucky, tail wagging 3 year old pit bull that has the happiest smile and most soulful eyes!  She is in love with every person she meets, big and small. The most important thing to Ruby is her human companion and she is eager to please them more than anything else. You can be that person!

We hope that these success stories may inspire you to rethink those pit bull stereotypes or even adopt one of our available pitties! Every Wags and Walks dog undergoes a temperament evaluation to ensure we find the best fit for our dogs. This not only leads to successful adoptions, but also helps spread the word that shelter dogs are the best dogs! If you’re looking for your doggy soul mate, check out our dogs available for adoption and fill out an application.

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