Wags and Walks Adoption Event Recap: March 19th

Not every adoption event is created equal. Case in point, just shy of a month ago, Wags and Walks had the opportunity to host Workday and LARPBO (Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners) at our event at The Dog Bakery in Mar Vista. This special volunteering experience gave Workday employees a first hand experience on what it is like to run an adoption event and help find dogs their furever home.


Wags and Walks Joined Forces

Over 20 team members from Workday got up first thing in the morning on Sunday, March 19th and worked with 14 LARPBO handlers to learn basic commands and training tips to work on with their assigned dog, all before our adoption event even started! This helped them not only get to know their dog, but also build the appropriate relationship for comfort and safety during our day long adoption event. It can definitely get busy at times, so having the one on one time before the craziness was just what the team needed. Once the event started, you could just feel the pride and joy the Workday team had throughout the day, while each of them helped introduce their dogs to their prospective new owners. It was amazing to be there and see the energy present during their volunteering outing, which isn’t always the case when companies set up events for employees. Don’t just take out word for it though, check it out for yourself:

“My daughter and I had a wonderful experience in the training and adoption process. We were trained together on how to build a relationship with our pet. We were impressed with this entire process. This will be a great memory we share together. Thank you.” - Julie Lee, Workday


March 19th Dog Adoptions

With the help of Workday and LARPBO, we were able to find 4 amazing homes for our pups, Sophie, Abby, Emerald, and Sapphire. It was a long day but worth every minute when we watched the adopters and the volunteers go home with big smiles:

All Dogs Go to (Dog Bakery) Heaven

If the day wasn’t already amazing enough, The Dog Bakery donated over 500 bags of Dog for Dog food to us. We can certainly promise that it’s going to good use with all of our amazing rescues, both at Wags Club and in the homes of fosters. We can’t thank The Dog Bakery enough for being such an amazing partner to work with. It’s people like them and all of our amazing volunteers (new and old) that help Wags and Walks continue to grow and rescue more dogs from the streets of LA.

If you are interested in doing a similar adoption event for your company contact us: info@wagsandwalks.org. We would love to share the memories that we are all able to make week after week with you…and maybe even snag a few more recurring volunteers in the process :).


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Team Wags