Mayday for Mutts

This Sunday marks Mayday for Mutts, a national holiday established to celebrate one of a kind pups and to promote the adoption of precious mixed breeds! According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately 75% of the six million dogs entering  U.S. animal shelters each year are mutts. These canines, are some of the most underappreciated pups, as many people praise pure breeds.  

Why Adopt a Mutt?

  • Adopting a mutt means less purebred puppy mills.
  • They’re one of a kind, even if you meet one similar, no two are the same physically or behaviorally.
  • Mixed breeds usually have fewer genetic health risks .
  • You’ll raise awareness for the rest of the loving mutts that need homes.
  • They’re full of personality and adaptable, since they’re not bred for a specific purpose or skill set.

Many of the pups we rescue are mutts, all very unique, with one thing in common: They’re all seeking their one of a kind furever home. Here are some amazing Wags and Walks mutts we would like you to meet who will also be available at our next adoption event this Saturday, May 6th, at The Original Farmers Market:

Meet ChaCha, the 8 year old mini Poodle/Havanese mix.  She has beautiful non shedding grey and white fur and loves every person she meets. She has limited vision due to cataracts, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying life! She is loyal and gets along with other dogs!

Our sweet Evie is only 3 months old!  She is one of the most portable, sweet lap dogs we have had the pleasure of saving.  Listed as a short haired Chihuahua, we all can see that she’s mixed with Min Pin.  She is everything you can ask for if you want to bring your dog pretty much everywhere you go.  Evie is a pup, so please be prepared to work with her on training, but it will be the most rewarding relationship you could ask for. 

Ezra is the sweetest, kindest, snuggliest lap dog. This hunk of love is an 8 month old, 21 pound Tibetan Terrier mix. He wants nothing but to be loved and give love.  As he builds his confidence, he would do best in a home with no other dogs.

Meet Popeye, our adorable 4 year old Basset/Pit mix.   He has great energy to hike, walk and run, but he also loves a good snuggle.  Popeye loves the companionship of people and is great with kids!  

Virgina is a 1.5 year old adorable piglet like white Chihuahua mix weighing 10 pounds. This sweet low rider is very affectionate and sweet. She loves to sit in her person's lap and just be held. She does well with other dogs of her size and would fit great in any variety of homes.

Meet Layla, a soulful, young, playful, eager to learn and gentle pup.  W  Layla is a 10 month old darling little pit mix who weighs 45 pounds.  She is a pup, but also has a calmness about her and is very wiggly and friendly.  She adores children of all ages and loves to play with dogs of all sizes.  She is a great hiking or running buddy, but please note she also loves sleeping in bed with her humans for snuggle time.  Layla is very treat motivated and is ready to learn her basic commands.

Meet Einstein the cutest, soulful 1 year old Norfolk Terrier mix. This 30 pound cutie is an adorable tri-colored scruffy doll.  Einstein has a very gentle personality. He is happy go lucky, has a tail that never stops wagging and a face that never stops smiling.

Nova is an adorable 5 month old grey mini Terrier mix. She is very lovable and snuggles into you when picked up. Nova is friendly, calm tempered and the perfect little size to take with you everywhere.  She does well with other dogs and would fit great in any variety of homes.  This adorable and healthy girl is looking for her furever home!

Meet Mona, an adorable and sweet 6 year old Pug/Terrier mix weighing 22 pounds.  She is a peppy and happy go-lucky girl who gets along well with other dogs and loves everyone she meets. Her corkscrew tale and wirey fur makes her totally adorable and completely unique.  You can't meet this girl and not fall in love.

Join Wags and Walks at The Original Farmers Market (at The Grove) to meet our amazing mutts looking for their furever homes! The event takes place from 11 AM - 2 PM at the end of the trolley tracks in front of Kip's Toyland.  Sponsored by The Dog Bakery. The Original Farmers Market is at 6333 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Team Wags