Our Favorite Summer Dog Products

It’s not a pool party without your pup! As the summer months are finally upon us, we can start planning outdoor activities to take advantage of the warm weather with our furry friends. Here are some of our must-have doggy products for the summer, whether you’re hiking, on the lake, at the beach, or simply soaking up sun in your backyard.

TheraCool Gel Cooling Bed

Concrete can get too hot for your pup on a summer day, so this innovative bed makes sure they can lounge with you outside - without overheating! The gel cooling pad utilizes charcoal-infused, odor-absorbing technology to safely and naturally dissipate excess heat away from your pet. The Tri-Core gel cells add additional cooling power, while two extra foam core layers provide maximum support for rest and rejuvenation.

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_TheraCool Bed

Shark Life Vest

Your dog will be the center of attention with this fin-tastic life vest. Not only does it keep your pup safe while swimming, but it will keep you entertained for hours as well!

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_Shark Life Vest

Flamingo Float Toy

Anything flamingo-themed reminds us of tropical paradise, and therefore is perfect for summer! Keep your dog engaged and entertained with this fun toy while you sip pina coladas by the pool. It comes in the shape of a flamingo and actually floats in water, but it’s real calling card (as far as your dog is concerned) is the playful squeaking sounds it makes when squeezed.

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_Flamingo Float Toy

PawTector Wax

We get to wear shoes, but dogs have absolutely no protection when walking on things like hot pavement. PawTector is an organic, all-natural blend of carefully selected waxes and oils that creates a nourishing barrier to protect soft and delicate paw pads against the elements. It’s perfect for use before outdoor activities like hikes, walks and the beach.

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_PawTector Wax

OllyDog OllyBottle

We all love taking advantage of these beautiful summer days by going on a long hike with our canine friends. During these warmer months, it’s important to make sure our pups are staying hydrated. The OllyBottle, a water bottle with a detachable bowl, is the solution to sharing water (but not slobber) with your dog when you're out on those long hikes.

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_OllyBottle

Dog Pool Float

For those diva dogs, this pool float lets your pup lounge in style. Vinyl-coated fabric and nonporous foam make this lounger ultra-buoyant and strong, and puncture-resistant, woven vinyl mesh ensures it won’t stain, fade, or mildew.

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_Dog Pool Float

Dog-Friendly Burger

Your pup doesn't have to worry about their summer body, so don’t leave them out during your summer barbeques. This doggie “cheese burger” is perfectly safe for your pup - and delicious!

Wags and Walks_Summer Products_Doggie Cheeseburger

We hope you enjoy the dog days of summer with these products that are guaranteed to provide endless fun. If you are looking for something to do with your pup, check out some of our favorite outdoor activities in LA here!  

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