Celebrate International Day of Yoga with “Doga”!

Today is the International Day of Yoga, which is a celebration of the popular exercise known for its array of mental, physical and spiritual benefits. While yoga is an activity many enjoy alone, you can also include your pup - which has become known as “doga”!

Both you and your pooch can benefit from practicing yoga together. In addition to more sound sleep and increased circulation, your pup will love the quality time spent with his/her favorite human!

If you are interested in shaking up your pup’s routine, here are five doga poses that dogs of all sizes can easily perform.

Forward Bend

Stand with both feet under your hips. Roll and bend forward, hanging from your waist, with your hands and head low. Scoop up your dog to add its weight and bend further to increase the stretch.


Have your dog sit on its hind legs while holding the dog from behind. Raise the dog’s front paws in the air.

Puppy Paw Mudra

Have your dog lay on its stomach with their front legs extended outward. Kneel down behind the dog and place your head on its back while holding its front legs outward. Turn your head to the side.


Stand behind dog and lean slightly forward. Gently pick its back lets up, supporting hip joints with both hands. Slowly encourage it to stretch and flex its torso.


Have your dog lay on its back. Pet its exposed belly.

If you’re ready to do downward dog with your dog, there are some upcoming doga classes happening at various Healthy Spot locations in Los Angeles.

Remember, quality time with your pup doesn’t have to be limited to walks and couch cuddles. If yoga isn’t your thing, there are lots of other ways to workout with your pup. Read about some of our favorites here!

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