Wagging Tail Wednesday: Aspen

This week we are highlighting Noelle Belling and her journey to becoming a dog pawrent to the happy-go-lucky Aspen. Noelle always knew she was destined to give a permanent home to a pup in need, and we are thrilled to share her story with you today.

Family pets were always a staple of Noelle’s childhood, so it was obvious to her that she would eventually have a dog of her own - it was just a matter of when. Noelle fostered rescue pups from a local organization a few years ago, but finally decided it was time to give one a permanent home. Noelle first found out about Wags and Walks through Adopt A Pet.  Although the first dog that caught her eye was already pending adoption, it worked out for the best because she met Aspen and immediately fell in love with her personality.

“She was just happy as a clam,” Noelle says to describe her first encounter with Aspen. Aspen was just so happy to see people, very playful and loved her boyfriend’s dog - which was a big deal! Noelle’s boyfriend is also a dog owner to an 108 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, Emma, who isn’t normally playful with other dogs. When Aspen and Emma first met, they immediately started playing and running around together, which was a pleasant surprise and a clear sign to Noelle that she had found her perfect pup!

Aspen was a natural fit to Noelle’s extremely social and active lifestyle. The pair go on morning runs, frequently visit the dog park, and love dog beaches.  Aspen has even become a weekend brunch-goer too!

Although puppy training is not an easy walk in the park, Aspen and Noelle have come a long way. Aspen’s natural good habits, such as lying down near the dining room table without begging for food, sharing her toys and food with other dogs, and her natural intelligence, have pleasantly surprised Noelle.

Noelle continues to learn patience and calmness from Aspen, and is always excited to come home to her loving pup. Every morning, Noelle wakes up to Aspen sneaking up on the bed and greeting her with a big wet kiss. Aspen has become her little alarm clock, but unlike an iPhone, this one never hesitates to show her unconditional love and affection.  

We love heartwarming stories like Noelle and Aspen’s, and we are always so thrilled to hear about the strong bonds that our adopters form with their new pups. Like Noelle mentioned, training isn’t always easy but the unconditional love that you will receive in return is truly priceless.

If you’re a dog lover like Noelle and looking for your doggy soul mate, please visit our website to see our available dogs and fill out an adoption application.

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Team Wags