Dog Friendly Recipes for National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream is a delicious, crucial summertime staple, so it’s only fit that this Sunday marks National Ice Cream Day! The heat has definitely hit SoCal and there’s no better way for you and your pup to cool off than with a yummy frozen treat. Today, we are sharing some of our favorite dog-friendly ice cream recipes for your furry friend to enjoy this Sunday (and every day)!

Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Treats (from Life Love and Sugar)

Your pup will go bananas for this recipe! The versatile fruit makes everything more creamy, delicious, and healthy. This snack is made from the perfect combination of peanut butter and frozen bananas. Add a treat on top for added decor and voilá - you have mastered the recipe and can now indulge with your pup!

Strawberry Coconut Butter Ice Cream (from Dog Milk)

This recipe is great because it only has three ingredients: strawberries, coconut butter, and plain yogurt. We love an easy fix! If so inclined, you can make the treat a little more indulgent by adding any assortment of toppings. Some of our favorites include bacon crumbles, parsley (for added fresh breath), and dog biscuit pieces - but feel free to get creative!

Pumpkin Frosty Paws (from The Dog Mom)

This tasty and quick recipe is perfect for dogs that prefer bite-sized treats. If your pup is a pumpkin lover, they will go nuts for this snack. Remember, pumpkin isn’t only for the fall! The Dog Mom points out that some dogs might not lick their frozen dessert, but instead eat it as if it’s a biscuit, so make sure you carefully watch your dog the first time he/she tries these.

A Savory Frozen Treat (from Offbeat Home and Life)

If your dog doesn’t have a sweet tooth and prefers savory treats, check out this healthy and hearty recipe. It’s easy to follow and provides plenty of variations for ingredients, so you can tailor it to you pup’s tastes. This frozen treat features your choice of cooked chicken or fish, vegetables, olive oil and plain yogurt. Though every pup is different when it comes to dietary needs, plain yogurt often helps with digestion whereas cheese and milk can sometimes upset the stomach.

As pup parents, we may be guilty of giving our dogs the occasional lick of our ice cream cone, but we have to remember that it’s best when there aren’t any preservatives, food additives, or ingredients that may upset their tummies. A lick here and there won’t hurt, but whipping up some homemade ice cream made especially for your pup would be a treat they don’t forget anytime soon!

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