Dog Boarding in Los Angeles This Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year. It’s full of fun holidays, fresh food, and amazing vacations. While many of us try and bring our dogs everywhere we go, sometimes it just isn’t possible; vacations can be one of those times. It also can be hard, especially if you’re new to a city, to find a reliable pet sitter or boarding facility. If you’re in Los Angeles, here are a few of our favorite boarding facilities to get you started on your search for the perfect spot. Not only are these places amazing and trustworthy, they are also top partners of ours that give back to rescues!


Citydog! Club

Citydog! is one of those places that you thought you could only dream about. It’s modern, spacious, and has everything you could ever want for you dog. From 24/7 supervision to complimentary organic dog treats to open play environments, your dog will will going on a vacation of his/her own. Plus, you even has access to a Live Webcam, so you can make sure they aren’t missing you too much while you’re gone. These are only a few of the amazing features about Citydog!...we could go on all day. Best part is, they aren’t just in LA. You might even have one close to you. So check them out and have some peace of mind that you dog is safe and sound.

CageFree K9 Camp

Remember going to camp as a kid and all the fun you had? Well that is how your dog will feel at CageFree K9 Camp. When you drop them off for their “vacation”, they get to play all day long in an indoor/outdoor environment with friends of the same size and temperament. Then at night, they can either continue the fun with a group sleepover or make accommodations in a private suite, both with raised beds for maximum comfort. Temperament testing prior to entry and round-the-clock supervisor will give you the peace of mind that you dog is in great hands while you are away!

West LA Dogs

From boarding to doggy daycare, West LA Dogs offers it all. With separate dog parks for small and large pups and free range access to indoor (AC/Heating) and outdoor play areas, your dog will have the time of his/her life while there. Then at night, your pup will enjoy cage free or kennel boarding (depending on his/her temperament) while he/she drifts off into a deep sleep from running around all day. You can even upgrade your dog to a doggy suite complete with a large human bed, doggy tv, doggy bed, and more. True royalty status! No matter which option you go with, you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is in good hands. All dogs are temperament tested before entering and up-to-date on their vaccinations. Dogs will always love seeing their owners, but they might just temporarily forget they are suppose to be sad when they are having so much fun.

Urban Dog

If your dog loves to play and take adventures, than Urban Dog is for them. With unlimited play during the day with customized groups of pups and weekly adventures hiking or playing on the beach, your dog will get to enjoy himself/herself all week long! Plus, all groups are handpicked to ensure healthy play between all of the dogs in the group...and they constantly update depending on new dogs coming in or changing moods. There is constant supervision by Dog Wranglers and even a scheduled nap time for your pup to recharge in the middle of the day. At night, your pup will sleep in a kennel run or crate with his/her housemate or a friend, where beds and blankets are provided. A Dog Wrangler also sleeps on the premises, so your pup will never be alone.

We know that leaving your dog is stressful and sad, but we hope that you find comfort in one of these boarding facilities. You can also reach out to friends that love dogs and see if they would be able to dog sit at your place or take your dog in while you’re gone, if you’re dog isn’t the boarding type. Either way, doing your research will give you peace of mind and ensure your dog is safe and having fun!

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Team Wags