Meet Our Mutts on National Mutt Day

Today is a holiday to celebrate our favorite dog breed here at Wags and Walks - mutts! Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier and better behaved, they live longer, and each and every one of them is unique. There are millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters, patiently waiting for their forever home.

We all know that the best dogs are those that have a little bit of everything in them, so on National Mutt Day, it’s only fitting to highlight some of our favorite (and adoptable!) mutts.

Wags and Walks_National Mutt Day_Sophie

Sophie is a soulful iand sweet Poodle/Terrier mix who came to Wags and Walks after years of neglect. This warrior is about 8 years old, weighs 23 pounds and has a gentle and loving nature despite her past hardships. Sophie is being treated and monitored for some health issues including her skin, eyes and a heart condition. She is looking for an amazing human who will love her, care for her, and continue to reassure her that life will be beautiful from here on out.

Wags and Walks_National Mutt Day_Queen

Queen is a pint-sized brindle, white, and black 7-year-old Chihuahua mix weighing 7 pounds. This snuggle bug is a great combination of silly and sweet.  She enjoys the company of other dogs her size and we think she'd do well with people of all ages. Queen is house trained and will make for a wonderful companion who is just looking for a loving lap to cuddle on!  

Wags and Walks_National Mutt Day_Rocky

Rocky is (almost) unbearably cute, with little tufts of soft fur around his floppy ears, accentuating his big soft puppy eyes. This 10-month-old Border Collie/Pit bull mix soaks up attention like a sponge, especially if there is petting and ear rubs involved. Rocky exudes sweetness, he's super affectionate and he will wash your face for free. At 45 pounds, he gets along with other dogs and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love.  

Wags and Walks_National Mutt Day_Bruno

Bruno is beyond adorable, sweet and soulful with the perfect blend of playfulness and snuggliness (yup, we made the word up!). This 1-year-old Havanese/Terrier mix weighs 10 pounds, plays well with other dogs, and loves every person he meets. Bruno's eyes are filled with soul and we know he will make a person or family very happy.

Wags and Walks_National Mutt Day_Oden

Oden is a friendly and affectionate 4-year-old Boxer/Pit Bull mix with a gorgeous brindle color. At 62 pounds, he enjoys exercise but also loves giving kisses and snuggles just as much. This easy-going guy gets along with everyone he meets, including other dogs. Oden is a smart pup who is already housebroken, crate trained, walks well on leash and knows basic commands. He will make the most loyal and eager-to-please companion!  

These five love bugs are only a few of the wonderful mutts we have available for adoption, so check out our available dogs to find your perfect match.

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Team Wags