Pucker Up For International Kissing Day!

International Kissing Day isn’t just a holiday for humans to celebrate. Anybody with a four-legged friend knows that the best kisses come from your furry, wet-nosed, slobbery pup.

Today is a day to celebrate love, friendship, and happiness with one of the most simple gestures - kissing! To get into the spirit, we wanted to share some of our favorite doggy kisses from our wonderful alumni, fosters, and volunteers. Enjoy, and pucker up!

As you can see, International Kissing Day is a holiday that is celebrated across all breeds, shapes, colors, and sizes. So whether you’re a pitbull or chihuahua person, pucker up and show your friends, family, and fur babies how much you love them! If you’re craving some permanent puppy kisses, make sure to check out our list of available dogs to find your perfect smooch partner.

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Team Wags