Why We Love Our Senior Dogs Today and Every Day!

While everyone recognizes today as the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the nation in decades, August 21st marks another day in America - National Senior Citizen’s Day! A day to celebrate the wisdom and love that our family and friends who are senior citizens bring to our lives. We are taking a break from the solar eclipse madness to show our love for another kind of senior citizen today, those senior dogs in our lives.

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When people think of adopting a dog, they mainly think of adopting a puppy before anything else. It’s much harder for shelters and rescue organizations to find homes for dogs aged 9 and older, but there are many benefits to choosing a senior dog to adopt! We thought we’d highlight a few of those benefits in the blog today:

  • When you adopt a dog, there is a period of time when you are getting used to each other. With younger dogs who may have never had a family before, this time period is a lot longer. Older dogs are likely adopted after already living with or around people and maybe even other animals. This shortens the introductory period and can be great for families that already have pets or small children!
  • Along those lines - puppies need to be taught...everything. On the contrary, a senior dog is most likely already potty trained and probably knows many commands. This allows you to skip the constant supervision that a puppy requires, which makes it easier for you to introduce your new companion into your ongoing routine. On top of that, people often find senior dogs to be much more calm and easy going as compared to young dogs and puppies - they’ve already gotten through their “crazy puppy stage”.
  • All dogs need to be loved and played with and provided with an active and healthy lifestyle, but younger dogs require much more exercise in general. This means that a senior dog may be a great fit for someone who doesn’t have the time or desire to take care of a dog with a lot of energy. That being said, some dogs at 13 have even more energy than a 2 year old pup, which goes to show every dog is unique! And while a senior dog may be 11, the amount of love he/she gives you is no less than a 6 month old pup. After all, he/she has had 10.5 more years of practice!
  • Loving a senior dog includes a different set of responsibilities and expenses than a puppy. Adopting a senior dog doesn’t come without its challenges. The biggest challenge people bring up before adopting is the potential for health problems. It is true that most health problems occur later in a dog’s life. The difference with adopting a senior dog is you may see those sooner than with a puppy, but there are other expenses associated with younger dogs. Overall, knowing what dog is right for you will depend on your lifestyle, family and personality fit!

Wags & Walks rescues dogs of all ages, because for us, it is about personality not age. After this post, we hope you take a moment to think about your next dog, maybe a pup aged 9 or older is a better fit for your home!  We have two brand new 12 year yorkies, Cappuccino and Biscotti, who are as adorable as they are wise. They still have many years to give their unconditional love and attention to you!


If you are looking to adopt, check out our adoptable dogs on the site! And remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat (username: wagsandwalks), as well as, to sign up for our e-mail newsletter ...because who doesn’t love cute dog photos? Until next time, Happy National Senior Citizen’s Day, to both humans and dogs alike!


Team Wags


PS-If you are a loving parent of a senior dog, give your dog an extra big kiss today to celebrate his/her wisdom and joy he/she brings to your life (we know we will be)!