Feel Good Friday: Puppies 101

Puppies are an amazing addition to a family. Crazy, difficult, and time consuming...but amazing nonetheless. Here at Wags and Walks, we currently have over 20 puppies from three different litters available for adoption. You can say it’s been quite a busy month - shout out to our amazing fosters who were willing to open up their homes to care for these babies!

If you have been considering adopting a puppy, or even fostering one in the near future, be sure you know what to expect when bringing a puppy home for the first time:

  1. Be Prepared: Get a crate and playpen and introduce your pup to it. The best way to get them started on their potty training is to not let them run free throughout the house. They can earn this privilege as time goes on. They probably won’t love their crate immediately, but be patient. Feeding them in the crate can make it a positive association. Also, stocking it with some blankets, toys, and even an item of clothing that smells like you will make them feel safe. It is great for them to have an area of the house that is all theirs.

  2. Be Patient: As mentioned above, training a puppy takes a lot of patience. There will be sleepless nights, lots of accidents, and setbacks with training. Stay calm and keep trying with positive reinforcement. Also, it’s best to not attach yourself to any items...because more than likely, one or two of those things will get ruined. But in the end, you’ll have a lifetime friend.

  3. Puppy Proof: If you have kids, you’ve probably already done this to your house. If not, it is time to pick up any hazardous items that your puppy can reach. Whether it is chemicals, medicine, cords, small pieces, or anything else you think may possibly pique their interest. It’s the perfect time to declutter the house! If you want to go the extra mile, get on your hands and knees and see what is at eye-level. This will give you a good idea about what will attract your puppy’s attention.

  4. Make a Plan: If you’re not going to be at home all the time, make sure to make the proper accommodations for your new puppy. At a young age, puppies aren’t able to go long periods without potty breaks. If you aren’t home all day, make sure you have a dog walker set up to let them out. This will also help with their potty training to reinforce what you’re teaching.

  5. Go Back to School: While working on your obedience training at home is extremely important, it’s also a great idea to take your puppy to a training class. Not only will you learn some new techniques, but it also provides your dog with proper socialization. You can find one that works best for you and your family.

Now that you’re prepared to bring home a pup, check out two of the available litters we have right now:

The Leafy Greens Litter

The Game of Thrones Litter

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