Spend Labor Day at These Dog Friendly LA Beach Spots

Wow, it’s already September 1st. With that, Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! We have had a crazy and amazing summer at Wags and Walks, and we cannot believe the summer is coming to a close. That said, if you’re an Angeleno, you know that summertime doesn’t really end until October - as far as the weather is concerned at least. With the heat wave LA has been experiencing this week, we hope you have some beach days planned for your long weekend!

Speaking of soaring temperatures and holiday weekends, we are celebrating the end of summer by highlighting some dog friendly beaches in the area! Living in a city bordered by miles of beautiful coastline, you’d think there are endless dog-friendly beaches. Turns out, Los Angeles city and county rules, for the most part, prohibit our four-legged friends from joining us on the beach. Not to worry, we’ve done the research for you and have found 4 dog friendly options (plus a hidden secret) for you to venture to with your pup this weekend!

1. Rosie’s Dog Beach

If you are a dog owner in LA, you might already know of Rosie’s. Located in Long Beach, it’s the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County. Its claim to fame is the semi-regular Corgi Beach Day where you can go to either ogle at or participate in the adorable romping of costume clad Corgis. It is a sight to behold, and we recommend taking the trip for that day if you love Corgis, or romping smiley puppies in general.

At Rosie’s, you are able to let your dog roam freely off leash from the hours of 6AM to 8PM, and we checked - they are open on holidays! So pack up your suit and plenty of treats, water and maybe an umbrella for your pooch to shade under and head on down to Rosie’s Dog Beach.


2. Huntington Dog Beach

Okay, we know, this isn’t technically Los Angeles. It’s Orange County, but if you haven’t been to Huntington Beach before, it is worth the trip. Huntington Dog Beach is much larger than Rosie’s in LBC, providing ample space for you and your dog to run around, play fetch and go for a swim. It also is a known host of Corgi Beach Day, which is great news for those followers who want to watch hundreds of corgis frolicking and prefer the OC to LBC.


3. Leo Carrillo State Park

There is a portion of Leo Carillo State Park on the beach where you are allowed to take your dog so long as he/she is kept on leash. Located in Malibu, this is a great option for a morning stroll this Labor Day before the crowds roll in for picnics and beach volleyball. For when you arrive, keep your eye out for the area of the park known as, “North Staircase Beach.” That’s the spot where dogs are welcome!


4. Point Mugu State Park

Similarly to Leo Carillo State Park, you are allowed to bring your dog (on leash) to the beaches within Mugu State Park. Specifically Mugu Beach, Thornhill-Broome Beach and Sycamore Cove. For those of you unfamiliar with Mugu State Park, it is on the northwestern point of Malibu right after the iconic Neptune’s Net. If you’re staying local this Labor Day and are looking for a casual mid-day excursion with your pup to escape the inland heat, head here! The views can’t be beat and afterwards you can take your pup with you to grab some fresh seafood at Neptune’s Net.


Unfortunately for those not looking to make a trip North or South along the coast, Venice and Santa Monica beaches have a strict no dog policy. However, you are more than welcome to take your pup on a walk along the PCH bike path or on the boardwalk in Venice. While you can’t take little Fido down to the water, you’ll catch a wonderful breeze and also allow your dog to get some exercise and playtime with his/her favorite person!

If you know of other dog friendly areas in Los Angeles, let us know in the comments! And whether you are staying in LA for the weekend or heading out of town, the Wags and Walks family wishes you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend! If you do venture outside this weekend, Los Angeles is currently experiencing an intense heat wave, so remember to keep your pup healthy and happy with plenty of water, shade and maybe even a personal fan!


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