8 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe for National Safety and Protection Month

We love our furry babies and we love to keep them safe from harm. This month is National Safety and Protection so we thought it was the perfect time to share some safety tips with everyone. Here are several ways wherein we can make sure our furry best friends are in great hands:

1. Keep Medications in Check

Kennel cough is pretty common with the season and of course we would like to make sure our fur babies are feeling well. Make sure your pets are up-to-date on all of their vaccinations and if they are given medications, remember to give them the proper medication with their proper dosage and directions.

2. Have Them Wear Safety Clothing

Our dogs may get too excited at times when they are outside. To prevent any of them getting into accidents and to keep them visible, have them wear a glow in the dark clothing! Led collars will do the trick too.

3. Use Safe Toys

While we do want our fur babies to be entertained, we still have to practice safe play. Make sure their toys are big enough for them not to choke on and is made of an appropriate material. In addition, avoid buying toys that contain dangerous chemicals.

4. Travel Safe

Amazon offers cheap and various types of booster seat for dogs which will make it convenient for traveling. They will not only be kept safe but also especially love being snug comfortably while resting. There are also a variety of seatbelt options and hammock seat covers that keep your pets from flying forward in case of an accident.

5. Stay Away from Toxic Food

Good food a day keeps the doctor away! Avocados, chocolates, citrus and garlic are among the things you would want to keep away from dogs. Make sure we do not make the wrong decision of feeding them whatever’s in our hands no matter how much they beg.

6. Be Cautious on Walks

Avoid being on your phone too much so we can see what our dog is up to. They might be chewing on something we would not want them to like trash, dirt and poisonous plants.

7. Hydrate Well

Whether it’s the hot or cold days, remember to have water 24/7 for your dog to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.

8. Prevent Lost Pets

To avoid getting our fur babies from being lost, have them microchipped. We may keep a close eye on our pets but accidents still happen. In addition to microchipping, always have a separate collar from the one you clip the leash to that has an id tag on it. This way, if your dog slips out of it’s collar when walking, it still has one on that can easily identify it.

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Team Wags