Celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2018

For our latest #FeelGoodFriday post, we want to honor one of our favorite breed of dogs: pit bulls! Pit bulls are fun, loyal and intelligent dogs who are often given a less than stellar reputation. If people took the time to get to know these kind and loving creatures, they would see all of the positive qualities they possess. In honor of October 27, 2018 being Pit Bull Awareness Day, we wanted to highlight some of our precious pitties that prove the negative stereotypes that surround these dogs are just plain wrong!


This beautiful lady is five years old and her soulful brown eyes will melt your heart. She is an all around great dog, meaning you can take her on a long hike or chill with her on the couch watching a movie. Gingee is intelligent and loyal, loves to play with toys, and knows all the basics, in addition to some more fun commands. This amazing pit bull would do best in a home with kids over ten and no other dogs, and will thrive with your active lifestyle.



Take one look at this girl and you can’t help but fall in love. Her adorable patches around her eyes and that contagious smile is enough to make anyone change their views on this breed! Eden is super calm and loves relaxing in her crate or going on walks. If you have a quiet home and lead a more laid back lifestyle this sweet lady is the one for you!



Pitbulls are such forgiving animals, so ready to love and be loved! Portabella is a perfect example of this! She came from a neglectful situation but one would never know it by her sweet and affectionate demeanor! Portabella would make the perfect family pet since she does great with kids  and definitely deserves a great home!



Peanut has a face that could light up a room! You’ll never have another bad day with this guy in your life. This sweet boy was found running through highway traffic and was luckily saved by a good samaritan! Any family would be lucky to have this him join their pack and bring unending love and joy to their lives. There’s nothing scary about that face.



What is black and white and delicious on the inside? This sweet and goofy boy! Oreo is a love bug and loves to socialize with both dogs and humans! He is notorious for walking around, checking what everyone is doing, all the while wagging his tail. He has a great energy and is ready to enjoy his life with a forever family. Plus, who doesn’t love oreos?


Pit Bulls are really the best dogs and we love educating people about how amazing they are. They make wonderful partners in life, for both singles and families, and we hope that you can help us continue to spread that message. Thanks for celebrating Pit Bull Awareness Day with us!

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Team Wags