It's Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

November means different things to different people. Maybe you’re counting down the days to stuff yourself with turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, or maybe you’re showing off your  beard-growing skills for Movember. At Wags and Walks, we celebrate this month because it is Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

Sometimes senior dogs get looked over, but we can assure you that they are every bit as cute, lovable, and silly as younger pups! Oftentimes, they can be a better fit for families who are less active or don’t have the time to train a puppy.

Wags and Walks has saved 81 senior dogs in 2018 so far, but there are still some older pups available if you’re interested in adding a sweet senior to your family.


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Cora

How can you resist this sweet face? Cora is a 10-year-old Maltipoo who lights up every room she walks into with her little smile. She weighs 11 pounds loves sitting on laps, exploring on walks and romping around with other dogs. Cora is a loving and kind soul who wants nothing more in life than to be around her people.


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Brownie

Brownie is our 10-year-old pit bull mix who has a calm demeanor and a smile that instantly makes you happy. He weighs about 85 pounds, but he's quite active for a fella his age! He loves going for walks and is a total social butterfly. He'll say 'hi' to anyone who will let him and is always happy to be the center of attention. Brownie is an easy going guy who wants nothing more than to give and receive love. He will make an excellent companion and bring a lot of joy to his future forever home.


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Uno

Just look at this guy! Uno is one of the cutest munchkin chihuahuas you've ever seen. At 10 years young and weighing just 5 pounds, Uno has a calm and kind presence that makes everyone fall in love the second they meet him. Although he only has one eye, Uno loves to go on walks and does just fine getting around! He is perfectly happy to lounge the day away in his bed and he loves being carried by his human. Uno will make a great dog for someone who wants an easy-going, mellow partner in crime.


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Teddy

We can’t resist a man in a bow tie! At  8 years young, Teddy is the most loving and affectionate guy around. This 60 pound pitbull/bulldog mix has a special energy that makes you want to cuddle with him all day long - you can usually catch him rolling over on his back for belly rubs and snuggles. Teddy loves going for walks and saying hello to everyone he meets. He is great with other dogs, good in his crate and is generally very well behaved. We know Teddy will bring a lot of joy to his future family forever!


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Jude

At 8 years old, Jude isn’t technically a senior. Honestly, we aren’t even sure we believe that he’s that old, judging by his young looks and sprightly personality. All this sweet Cane Corso mix wants is a face to kiss and some belly rubs. He is a friend to all, canine and human alike, and is as gentle as they come. If you look up "gentle giant" in the dictionary, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jude’s face comes up!


Wags and Walks_Senior Dog_Simon

This little lamb is an 8-year-old poodle who isn't just looks, he has an adorable personality too! Simon is mellow and low key when he meets new people, but as soon as he warms up his silly side comes out. He gets the cutest poodle zoomies and loves to end them with a cuddle on his human's lap. Simon is good with other dogs and is the perfect couch potato partner. We are confident that he will make a loyal companion to any loving home.

If you’re looking for the perfect furry member to add to your family - senior or not - check out our available dogs on the website. The perfect pup is just a click away!

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Team Wags