5 Ways to Get Your Dog Ready for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving and the holidays around the corner, our fur babies should be in our checklist of things to remember in celebrating the upcoming feasts. Here are several ways in getting your pet ready for Thanksgiving:

Stay Warm
Prepare warm clothing for your fur babies especially the small dogs to keep warm during the holidays if you are traveling somewhere colder than normal. Make sure to have them wear something they are comfortable in. You can also have them try it on this weekend and let them adjust in advance. This way, that’s one less thing to set them off on Thursday.

Observe Pets with Visitors
Because our fur babies might be overwhelmed with the excitement of our visitors and friends, give them a toy they really like or a blanket that they find comfort in. Observing our pets will also prevent someone from giving them food they shouldn’t eat or someone petting them harshly or in a wrongful manner. If you have an especially nervous pet, work on greetings, introductions, and calm “place” stays before the big day. Giving your pet time to prepare for new people and excitement sets them up for success rather than failure.

Keep the Food on the Table
Pets might nibble on food that might not be good to them such as desserts or tasty appetizers. Safe food handling is an important reminder to have a good feast and avoid emergency vet visits, so pick up anything that they can reach or just put them away while the food is out with a treat of their own, like a frozen kong. They don’t have to miss out on all the fun though, they can enjoy some Thanksgiving leftovers with you the next day when you can monitor what they are eating.


Travel Safely
We know that you already have a ton of shopping to do for the holiday, but don’t forget to pick up some stuff for your pup if you are driving or flying. Bring the necessary food and medications for your pet, but also grab a few extra treats and bones to reward them during all of the excitement. Packing their favorite blanket and toy can also help them settle in quicker at a new destination as well. If you are driving, make sure you buckle them in or put them in a carrier so they are safe. It’s one less thing you have to worry about while sitting in holiday traffic.

Leave Pet with a Trusted Friend
If you’re going away for vacation and your pet can’t come, make sure you leave them with someone you trust and someone who can take care of them while you are away. Have them update you too if it isn’t too much of a hassle. Give them your ideal schedule so your pet has an easier time transitioning and is well behaved, since they are creatures of habit. Don’t forget to leave vet information and any other contacts in the area that can help in event of an emergency.

Taking a few minutes to prepare your pets for the Thanksgiving holiday ensures that you have the best day possible and leaves more time to spend with loved ones. They will be thankful you took the time to think of them during all the craziness.

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