Wagging Tails Wednesday: Hope

Today we are happy to share Leann and Scott’s story about “finding Hope.” Losing a pup is devastating and it can feel like a part of your family is not complete. Leann and Scott knew that they needed to fill that gap, and added a Wags and Walks pup to their family. Then just a few years later, Hope came into the picture, and they knew she was meant to be from the start! Keep scrolling to read the rest of this heartwarming story:

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog (when did you adopt him/her, is this your first dog, etc.).

Hope (also known as Monkey) was adopted in August; however, we fell in love with her the moment Lesley sent me her puppy photo. I have been a volunteer of Wags since 2012 when we adopted Cooper (aka Oreo). Hope is the youngest of 3 dogs we have (2 Wags) and enjoys driving her siblings crazy.

How did you find out about Wags & Walks?

In 2012 I found out about Wags on PetFinder. After losing our 16-year-old Lab, we wanted to add another rescue to our home. We had 2 girls (8-year-old rotten/lab, 5-year-old lap/pit) and we were ready for another. No looking for any specific dog except a male, we stumbled upon Coopers photo and took him home the next week.

How did you know your dog was “the one”?

That goes to Lesley, she knows what we like and knows what we needed. I think she knew, though she won’t admit it, that we would take Hope the moment we saw the photo. I mean, she could be Coopers sister.

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Have there been any challenges or setbacks you’ve had to overcome? What was your biggest surprise?

My husband and I thought we were ready for a puppy, but oh boy were we wrong. Hope tested our patience from the start and for some reason thought I was her chew toy. We read all the books, followed everyone’s guidance on crating her or putting her in a room away from the others while we were at work. We even had our dog sitter come each day to check on her. After escaping from a pen, a bathroom and a crate.  We decided to see how she would do if she was out with our dogs and she could not have been any happier and stopped escaping.

What is your favorite thing about your dog? Does he/she have any funny quirks?

She has many quirks. At day care they call her the energizer bunny because she goes non-stop. At home, she is the most lovable dog we have ever had. She thinks she is still a puppy and try’s to lay on my head at night, curled around my pillow. If she thinks you are mad at her, she will jump on your chest and curl up under your chin.

What is your favorite thing about being a doggy parent?

Unconditional love and friendship

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How has your dog changed you?

Hope has given us more patience

Is there anything else you’d like to share about you and your pup?

Being a volunteer of Wags for many years, I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of you who help save these amazing dogs.

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If you’re looking to be a paw-rent to a precious pup, please visit our website to see our available dogs and fill out an adoption application.

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