2018 Volunteer Appreciation Week

Volunteering is the foundation of Wags & Walks. Without our volunteer base, we would cease to exist, and we never would have been able to save 3,500 dogs from the shelter. So how do we properly convey how much our volunteers mean to us? It’s hard, as the list of thank you’s is endless, but each and every volunteer that joins us is another part of the puzzle, and we could not be more thankful for the support we are lucky enough to have.

With it being Volunteer Appreciation Week, we wanted to dedicate this to everyone who has been a part of our mission, our journey, and our family.

To Our Fosters: Oh fostering, what a job it is! You open up your homes to a dog you barely know. A dog who may be sick, injured, or completely shut down. They may not trust you just yet, they may not trust other dogs, other sounds, or the world around them. They can’t tell you why, but you don’t need them to. You provide a quiet place to sleep and eat, you provide a lap to lay in, and you wait as you begin to see their walls break down. You are patient, you are nurturing, you are their haven. You may bring in a dog with separation anxiety, a dog whose previous owner never invested in training, a dog who isn’t potty-trained. Every dog has their own story, their own hurdles, but you work with them while we search for their forever home and we aren’t sure there is a greater gift to give a dog in need. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for saving each and every dog you take in to foster.

To Our Wags Club Caretakers: The 6AM’ers, the late-nighters, the weekenders, the drop-ins - you are all amazing, dedicated, and passionate human beings.  This small but mighty community has continued to grow, learn, and work together to create a village of rescue warriors. You take your time getting to know each dog, whether it be a tiny terrier or a pudgy pittie, and help them transition from shelter life to Wags life! You understand that these dogs may not have been trained and that their leash skills aren’t the best, that the kennel may be a stressful environment, and most importantly, to show them that you can be trusted. You may be the first human to give them a positive experience in a long time, and that is so important to their journey to adoption. You respond to the late night emails, desperate pleas, and never hesitate when we need some extra help. Your desire and willingness to help is the reason we’ve grown into a massive community that will stop at nothing to save a dog in need.

To Our Transporters: From trips to Downey, Baldwin, South, and all of the other high-kill shelters - you are the freedom brigade! You make the trip, often in the peak of LA traffic, to pick up our new dogs. They can be smelly, filthy, and are often completely shut down...or ready to get wild! It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but crucial to maintaining our ability to save 15+ dogs each week. We’re sorry for the shirt you lost to throw up, and that smell in your car that lasted a few weeks...but we’re sure that the look of that pup on adoption day makes it all worth it!

To Those Who Volunteer at our Events, Assist with Fundraising Efforts, and Apply for Grants: We wouldn’t be able to raise money without your support. From the auction items, in-kind donations, to sponsorships, every dollar goes towards our dogs in need, and every dollar counts. No donation is too little, no ask is too small. Taking time out of your busy lives to help us grow Wags & Walks is humbling, and we’re so lucky to have you on our team.

To Those Who Run Our Social Media Channels, Update Our Website, Design Our Graphics and Donate Any Amount of Your Time to Help Us Save More Dogs: We see you, we appreciate you, and we thank you endlessly.  

To the best volunteer team in the world - cheers to you.


Team Wags