Health Benefits of Being a Dog Parent

Dogs: good for the soul, good for your health? It’s true, my friends. As you sit at your work desk or in the bathroom between rounds of Candy Crush reading this, think about it. What else gets you up in the morning for a brisk walk around the block? What guilts you into that runyon hike you may have otherwise forgone for a morning eating bon-bons in bed catching up on This is Us? Our furry friends do a lot more than offer unconditional love and snuggles. Let me break down the health benefits of being a dog parent:

  1. Dogs need walks. They get you out there. How many times do you independently take a stroll, just on your own? Have you ever walked a dog while listening to a podcast? Charge up your Beats, plug into some NPR and prepare to get lost in your own neighborhood.

  2. They literally, physically, chemically, make you feel good. That is not opinion, that’s science. Petting a dog releases feel-good chemicals like serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin (the “love hormone”) and reduces stress. It is one of the reasons service dogs are so effective with people who have Autism or PTSD. That calming feeling you get when you’re snuggling your dog and watching HGTV? Not in your head.

  3. Dogs are the ultimate wingman, my friends. Shy? Don’t get out there enough? Take your dog to Santa Monica and chill on a coffee shop patio for 30 minutes. You will have five new best friends when you leave. Take them to Runyon on a weekend, you’ll have at least seven new numbers in your phone by the time you’re loading your BFF back into your car. Dogs are the ultimate conversation piece, and you’re doing your pup a favor by socializing them. Dudes, need I even tell you… dogs = chick magnets. And for my single ladies out there, one thing we’ve learned is that men love big dogs. Don’t have one? Don’t worry, we have plenty at our center. Come volunteer!

Want a real-life example of health and puppers colliding? Subscribe to our mailing list, volunteer with us, hang out at our center. Last month, we had the ultimate experience with our inaugural PUPPY YOGA! Our play-room was filled to the brim with twenty some-odd dog lovers, working out in a morning yoga session, accompanied by some of the cutest puppies ever! Think yoga could get any more zen? Try warrior two with a 3 month old chihuahua licking your face. Come join us in May for our second puppy yoga class!


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Team Wags