Our July Partnership with Bow Wow Labs

We love our dogs, but more importantly, we LOVE spoiling our dogs. Whether you give them the occasional bully stick or they get them all the time, we’re sure you know what it’s like to have to constantly check how small the bone is getting. Bully sticks are great options to keep our dogs entertained, healthy, and, in some cases, distracted, but they quickly can become a nightmare if the dog decides to swallow the end of the stick. Our friends at Bow Wow Labs came up with the perfect solution to that scenario. Read on to learn how they are keeping dogs all over safe, without denying a favored treat:

The Bully Buddy by Bow Wow Labs

Instead of worrying about the very end of your dog’s beloved bully stick being swallowed, Bow Wow Labs created the Bully Buddy. This is a safety device that works by gripping the bully stick tightly in place while your dog chews and then allowing you to discard the small end once your dog finishes the stick.

What Bully Sticks Fit the Bully Buddy?

Bow Wow Labs Bully sticks are hand selected to fit the bully buddy! Depending on what size bully buddy you order the Bow Wow Labs team sorts and selects the appropriate sized sticks to ensure that they will fit securely in your bully buddy. Additionally, Bow Wow Labs Bully sticks are sourced from free range, grass fed cattle and have not been treated with chemicals. 

What Size Bully Buddy Should You Get?

So we know you are already obsessed with this idea and are dreaming of the days you no longer have to chase after your dog to grab that end piece of the bone. Currently there are 2 sizes available of the Bully Buddy. The Bully Buddy 1 for dogs 10-25 lbs and the Bully Buddy 2 for dogs 25 - 75 lbs. If your dog is a strong chewer, Bow Wow Labs recommends going with the larger size!

How Did the Bully Buddy Get Inspired?

Watch Finn and Scott’s story below to see where the idea of this amazing product got its start:

Where can I get a Bully Buddy? 

Pledge to Bow Wow Labs Kickstarter campaign now through Wednesday to pre-order! Visit their Kickstarter page!

We are so proud of our Wags and Walks Alum for creating such an amazing product to keep dogs all over safe and happy! We hope you (and your furry babies) love it as much as we do!

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