Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool in Excessive Temperatures

July is here, and so is the hot weather! It’s supposed to be in the 100s this weekend in Los Angeles, so we wanted to give you tips to keep your canines cool. With temperatures that high, your normal activities can be dangerous for your pup.

All dogs are affected by the heat, but keep in mind that dogs short noses and thick coats (think bulldogs, pugs, huskies, etc) are easily affected by high temperatures.

Here are 10 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

  1. NEVER leave your dog in the car in such high temperatures. Whether it’s a quick market run or you leave the windows down, it is NOT safe. Go places the dog can go, or leave the pup at home! Temperatures can rise 20 degrees in a car in just ten minutes in the summer.

  2. We know it is expensive to keep homes and apartments cool… but make sure your house isn’t too hot when you leave your pup. Shut windows. Close blinds. Your dog doesn’t need an igloo, but keep it at a reasonable temperature.

  3. Be careful about when you play/walk. Try to take your dog out in the earlier morning or later at night when the temperature drops. And, make sure you take water for both of you! These cute gulpy dispensers are super cheap on amazon and are a bowl and bottle in one for your pup

  4. Try to involve water in your pup’s play! Your dog of course still needs to play and get his/her energy out. If you have a pool, toss the ball in the pool instead of on the concrete. Buy your pup a super cute inflatable or plastic kiddy pool to splash around in.

  5. Take your dog to a dog-friendly beach! Many dogs love to splash around on the shore in the water. It’s a great way to tire your pup out, while keeping cool.

  6. Keep the floor temperature in mind. Whether you are on the concrete or on the beach, if the floor is too hot for your human hand to stay there for more than three seconds, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws! Plenty of pet stores offer dog socks, but you can also just tie or tape a pair of old socks laying around the house to your dog’s feet. If their paws burn it can cause soars and blisters, which you don’t want.

  7. Put ice cubes in the water bowl. With the hotter temperatures, the house tends to get hotter, making still water in a bowl warm. Put some ice cubes in the bowl to keep the water cool. You can also let your dog munch on ice cubes if they like that!

  8. Humans love ice cream, but so do dogs! While you eat your fro-yo, you can buy or make your dog some dog-friendly frozen treats. Many pet stores sell pre-made cups with “ice-cream” for dogs. Or, you can make your own at home with some DIY dog treat recipes.

  9. Tile floors! Allow your dog to spend some time in areas of your home with cooler surfaces (think bathroom or kitchen). It will help kick start the cool-down process.

  10. Buy your dog a toy that can go in the freezer. Plastic toys like Kongs can usually go in the freezer. Let the toy cool, and allow your dog to play with a cool toy. You can even buy the fillable Kong toys and give your dog a Kong full of frozen peanut butter to keep he/she occupied for a while.

As much as we try to keep our pets cool, dehydration and overheating can happen. It is very important to be aware of the signs so you can call your vet immediately if your dog shows symptoms. Some signs are hard to notice and aren’t always detectable. Offer your dog water and always consult your vet if you feel concern.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.22.09 AM.png

Here are the Main Symptoms of Dehydration:

  1. Sunken eyes

  2. Lethargy

  3. Dry mouth

  4. Depression

  5. ***Expert tip: Gently pinch a fold of skin at the top of the neck. Is it slow to snap back?

Here are the Main Symptoms of Heatstroke:

  1. Raised temperature (101.5° is normal)

  2. Rapid breathing, panting or heaving

  3. Excess salivation and thickened saliva

  4. Fatigue or depression

  5. Muscle tremors

  6. Staggering

Stay cool and have a safe weekend everyone!

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