Foster Friday: Jessica Funcannon

We haven’t done a Foster Friday in quite a while, but we couldn’t be any more excited to introduce you to this week’s feature, Jessica. She has made a huge impact in helping us save more dogs and finding them their furever homes. Plus, she has some great tips for other fosters. Without further ado, let us introduce you to Jessica Funcannon:

Tell us a bit about yourself

Dog-lover, red wine aficionado, Instagram fiend. I rescued my pup Lily after I graduated college and she's traveled all over with me until I found myself land in Los Angeles a little over three years ago from Chicago. I'm a digital marketer for Fullscreen and primarily work on 20th Century Fox's social media marketing for their upcoming movies!


What got you started fostering for Wags & Walks?

I have a friend that volunteers with Wags and does dog walking so I decided to look into it! I work from home and my pup Lily has been lonely since her buddy that was living with us moved out and so it just seemed like a great time to get more involved.

To date, how many dogs have you fostered for Wags? Do you have a favorite? (Don't worry, we won't tell the others!)

10 so far! I have a special place in my heart for my first, Hedwig (now Henry) and luckily one of my good friends adopted him, so I didn't really have to say bye! Numbers 7 and 8 were also really hard to let go (Madonna and Cher) because they were literally identical, small versions of my Lily. I was very tempted to keep them all!


What has been your biggest challenge fostering?

Puppies are hard (of course), so it's important to give yourself a bit of a break after fostering puppies before you move onto the next one. And of course it's always a bittersweet time to see them all go!

How has fostering affected you?

Fostering through Wags & Walks has been really incredible. There's nothing like being an important first stop in an animal's journey to a happy home. It's incredibly rewarding to see a shy pup open up and start to love again and it's even better to see them perfectly match with a forever home.


What has been your biggest surprise as a foster parent?

Ya'll puppies can pee A LOT more than you expect.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in becoming a foster?  

Fostering sounds a lot scarier than it really is. If you're thinking about becoming a foster (or want to have a pup of your own in the future) go ahead and do it! The staff and volunteers at Wags are great at answering any questions you may have. A few of my tips:

  • Night one is the hardest for both pup and human, but it gets better from there!
  • Crate training is your best friend. At night, try to cover the crate with a towel to create a safe dark space for your foster. It can also help to leave old clothes and shoes outside of the crate so that your foster can sleep next to your 'smell'
  • Try to limit water intake a couple hours before bedtime to help with overnight potty breaks.
  • Give lots of love and socialization to your new foster friend!

Thank you so much Jessica for everything you do for our pups. We couldn’t do it without you, and all our other fosters. If you are interested in becoming a foster, check out our become a foster page.

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Team Wags