Wagging Tails Wednesday: Pym

Happy Wednesday everyone! We hope that you are having a wonderful week so far. We are busy here at Wags and Walks getting ready for our annual gala. But we are taking a minute to share with you the adorable story about how Alan knew that Pym, fka Captain, was the dog for him. We are so proud to have amazing alumni stories like this one and can’t wait to hear more as we continue our efforts in saving more dogs. Without further ado, here is Alan and Pym’s story:

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog (when did you adopt him/her, is this your first dog, etc.).

I never had a dog before, I was raised in a cat household and I kind of just assumed that I was a cat person. However, a few months before I got Pym I went camping with a few friends, and one of them brought their dog. I ended up taking the dog on a few walks while the owner was busy, and something clicked in my head. I suddenly had a deep desire to own a dog. It wasn't long before I decided to pull the trigger and get my buddy.

How did you find out about Wags & Walks?

I had told a friend of mine about my desire to get a dog, and she recommend I go to NKLA, a place she volunteered at occasionally. She recommended it to me as a place that did good work and already had the dogs neutered and fully vaccinated.

How did you know your dog was “the one”?

I wasn't sure exactly what kind of dog I wanted, I liked Huskies and Corgis and kind of saw myself getting one of those. But when I was looking at the dogs, one in particular caught my eye, initially because I thought he looked kind of like a fox. I could tell he was scared by the way he was shaking, but when I took a knee and called out to him, he tried to walk up to me. The other dog in the cage (another chihuahua) growled at him when he came up to me. Pym (or Captain as he was then known) instantly went back to the back of the cage, as far away from the other chihuahua as possible. I felt my heart go out to the poor little guy, he wanted to be friendly I could feel that, but he was too scared. I requested some alone time with Pym, hoping that there was some real connection there. When he was alone in a room with me, he was initially timid, but after getting comfortable with me sitting on the floor with him, he climbed up my back to lick my ear. That was when I knew for sure, I was taking this little guy home with me. I never thought when I decided to get a dog that I'd get a chihuahua, goes to show you the breed doesn't matter, it’s the personality that counts.

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Have there been any challenges or setbacks you’ve had to overcome? What was your biggest surprise?

Initially I had some troubles getting him to eat his food, I went through nearly a dozen different brands before finally finding something he likes. He's a very picky eater, however I've found that tearing up a treat or two and putting it in the food will get him to scarf the entire bowl down pretty quick.

What is your favorite thing about your dog? Does he/she have any funny quirks?

Pym loves to climb into my sweater or jacket when its cold, if he can he'll poke his head out the top so he can keep an eye on things. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, because he keeps me nice and warm too.

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What is your favorite thing about being a doggy parent?

Dog parks, definitely, there's nothing I love more than seeing him tear off around the dog park, chasing a dog three times his size. Or hearing the excited whimpers he makes when he realizes that's where we are going.

How has your dog changed you?

He's made me a lot more active, he gives me a reason to get up early and to leave my house instead of staying behind and watching TV. He's great for that too, a wonderful lapdog to be sure. But I think I look forward to the walks just as much as he does.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about you and your pup?

When I first met Pym, he was a dog who was scared of just about everything and everyone. Seeing the change from timid to bold has been the most rewarding thing about owning a dog. I know he has a happy life, and that brings me joy. He's a great dog, and I'm so lucky that I get to have him in my life.

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Thank you so much Alan for sharing your story with us. We are so happy you two found each other.

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